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White's Tree Frog Question

I just got my little White's tree frog the other day and I just went over to look at him and he was squeezing his body and shutting his eyes tight and rubbing his arms and legs on himself. I am not sure if this is normal frog behavior or if he is going to die on me. He looks like he either has to puke or poop. He seems to have stopped now. Ease my mind?
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Sounds to me like he's trying to shed his skin. They have a very thin, slimy outer layer of skin that protects them, and shed it fairly often. When they do, they rub their body all over, and can contort themselves up a surprising amount. Sometimes they can look almost as if they're choking or straining hard. When he's done, there will be a string of slimy skin stuck somewhere - which can be incredibly annoying to clean off if they happen to stick it to the tank glass.

Making sure he has adequate humidity by misting frequently, and access to a bowl of clean, pure water he can sit in will help him along with the process... but these are things a White's needs all the time anyway.

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Hmmm... Interesting bit of information, Ravnos! Thanks. I've seen my frogs do that before and I just thought that they ate a cricket wrong or something! LOL
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