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Please Read Before Posting.

A complete listing of rules can be found here:

Community Guidelines

Everyone has the right to express their opinion - at Paw-Talk we respect that right. It goes without saying that people will disagree from time to time its how you disagree that matters. If two people disagree they have the right to say so respectfully. Slander and hatefulness will not be tolerated. No user may harass, bash or other wise bother another member in such a way that would disrupt the community or make any member feel unwelcome. Posts of this kind should be reported to a Moderator at once so they can be dealt with. It is important to remember this site is built on the common bond of our love for our pets, not our differences.

Please read the complete listing of rules found here:

You are responsible to know and abide by forum guidelines. These may change at any time, and it is your responsibility to adhere to them. Paw-Talk is not responsible or liable for the actions of other members; if you feel there is a problem, please contact a Moderator or Administrator.
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Referral Program

As you all know we have a referral system - well we have decided to "reward" those of you who help us get new members!! You will receive a point for each new member you refer and when you accumulate 35 points you will recieve a gift from us as a thank you. Your effort and work in referring members to Paw-Talk is greatly appreciated. There are many ways to refer members and all are simple!

Referral ideas:
  • add a link on your website
  • add a link in your email signature or on the web
  • send the link to friends and family

Please do not spam other forums or newgroups with links for the forum as this may result in your membership being deleted.


Or whenever someone registers and they enter your username as the referring member you will be credited for that member.

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Avatars and Member Titles

In order to be able to choose a custom avatar you must make 10 posts.

The preset titles are as follows:

Newborn Pup (Under 30)
Playful Pup (Minimum Posts: 30)
Adolescent Pup (Minimum Posts: 75)
Part of the Pack (Minimum Posts: 250)
Movin' Up in the Pack (Minimum Posts: 500)
Paw-Talk Addict (Minimum Posts: 1000)
Paw-Talk Golden Member (Minimum Posts: 2000)
Paw-Talk Therapist (Minimum Posts: 3000)
Paw-Talk Lifer (Minimum Posts: 4000)

As for custom titles:

We're going to do it differently - more fun this way! We (with suggestions from members) are going to choose the member titles. Custom titles are only given to members who participate regularly on the board. This is because we need to get a feeling for who you are before we can give you a member title.

Fair warning - asking for a title can be quite dangerous! You're usually better off waiting until the titly fairy grants you one, lest you get something very embarassing or none at all.

Feel free to PM an Administrator if you have any suggestions for a funny/silly member title for someone else. We can't promise that we'll use your suggestion but we'd love to hear them.

If you get your title and for some reason you don't like it, please let an Administrator know! It's not a problem to change it - we wouldn't want anyone to be uncomfortable; it's supposed to be fun.

Changing User Names
There is not an option for you to change your user name yourself - but if for some reason you would like to, please message me or any of the other admins and we will take care of it for you.

This way you won't lose the posts you have made and it will help keep things more organized in the database, which means faster load times for everyone.

Please limit username changes to one instance. Multiple changes make it difficult to follow posts within the forum.

PLEASE do not create a new account - we are more than happy to change it for you - but multiple accounts cannot be allowed.
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