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Question Amazon Parrots???????

hey, im thinking of getting an amazonparrots but i wana know more about them....... i'v read alot and learned alot but i want info from an amazon parrot owner. my friend has an amazon and she love him alot she's had him for more than 10 yrs now, he's only like 7 years older than her lol. he seems very sweet and nice, very friendly and talkative he also trusts me, he'll come up to me and try to go on my shoulder but im scared lol. im an animal freal and im not scared of most of the animals but for some reason im scared of parrots cuz i heard they can break your finger if they bite u hard and i would like to keep my fingers lol. i have had a sun conure when i was like 10 and he seemed very sweet and friendly he got used to me in less than a week and he let be pet him hold him everything so that was a nice expeirance but i couldent keep him for long cuz he was realllllllllllyyyyyy loud and my mom kept on complaining, but now iv convinced her and she agreed for me to get an amazon. any advice will be very appreciated....... thanks
- are amazons loyal pets? do they tend to bite alot?
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Hey this was posted a while ago and you never got a reply.

Amazons are great birds for the right person. But big parrots can do damage if they bite. The things is most people arent prepared to do the work thats needed with parrots. And if their not properly socialised and worked with they will get vices. one of those is to bite. In nature they bond. They become pairs and are together 24\7. They come to think of us as mates and that is a BIG commitment.

Also they can go through a teenage phase. at that time they can and will test you. one way of doing that is biting. They are extremely smart birds.

also keep in mind. its a bird. if your mom told you to get rid of your parrot because it was loud. it might happen again. I know Sun conures are REALLY loud but a parrot is a parrot is a parrot lol. They can and will be loud when they want to be. That is the nature of our flighted friends.

If your willing to take the time for this animal that Can live to 50+ years. Give it the time and dedication it needs. and your sure your mom wont make you get rid of it because its squawking. then go for it. But be 100% sure. I dont know how old you are. But for example. what happens if you have to go to college(Supposing your that age since you mentionned parrents). Alot of these birds end up in sanctuaries or rescues for alot of reasons like that.

Or even if you left it at your parents. Think of it this way. Imagine if you were married. and your spouse left for 6-8 months and then suddenly comes back. would you welcome them back with open arms? Most birds dont forget and they can retaliate with not wanting to have anythign to do with that person. Or even becoming aggresive and spitefull to that person(Ive heard a few stories like that). Amazons are one of the smartest birds out there.

If its not for you at this time in your life. I STRONGLY suggest once your graduated and living on your own to get one. No parents to make you get rid of a bird cause its loud. More time and commitment to the pet(depending on the job) etc.

I will get an amazon in the future. But right now my house is full with the animals we got. We have a few animals that are considered alot of work(iguana, burmese python, tegu,boas etc). So i know alot about the commitment aspect of parrots.

Personally. And this is me putting myself in your shoes as I was in college not long ago. I would wait untill after i was graduated and out on my own before getting one of those birds. Any large bird like a macaw, cockatoo, amazon, african grey. Their just that kind of bird where you need to have more time on your hands. and college life is BUSY. you barely have time to think of anything after homework.

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