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Anyone familiar with finches? (behavior and possible illness)

I have two male finches, brothers. I noticed yesterday that one of them was rather ruffled and puffed up. He kept hiding his head under his wing when he was on his perch. He will go into his nest in the middle of the day, which is unusual for him. I went and picked up new food that is for stressful times and molting as well as broad spectrum liquid antibiotic. I scrubbed out the entire cage, perches, dishes, ect. put in fresh stress food, fruits, veggies, meal worms, dried greens, gravel n' grit and the liquid antibiotics. (which is put in place of all drinking water)

Then I noticed this morning when I uncovered the bird cage and they came out that they both went to the food like normal. But when the ruffled sickly looking little boy went to the food the smaller one jumped right up there pushing him away from the food. He only did it the once and didn't seem to mess with him when he turned and went to the other food dish.

Opinions? Advice?
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I suppose this may seem a bit late to post a reply, but I just joined today, so I hope it will still help.

If you think your bird is sick you should definitely isolate him from the other, though if they have been together up to this point (the last 12 days) the other one is likely also infected (if there is an infection at all).

I think you should take the healthier of the two to the vet (if he sick), if you haven't taken the other one yet as the stress of a visit to the vet will not affect him as much as his brother who is in worse condition (the stress of a vet visit can weaken the immune system in a small animal, but might also save both birds lives).

I hope everything turns out alright for you and your birds.
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