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Question Anyone have two CAGS?

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=5][COLOR=SlateGray] I have two Congo African Greys. They are one year old DNA sexed siblings. They share a large macaw sized cage and get along well. I was just curious if anyone else have greys who share a cage. The breeder has advised that I will need to separate them when they reach sexual maturity, but that is a few years down the road. Was hoping to talk to someone who has more experience with CAGs and share some grey baby knowledge. I couldn't love my grey babies any more if I had laid them myself!
I also have a Senegal, a parrotlet, a linnie and a green-cheek conure. Birds are addicting to me....I could not stop with just one! All my FIDS are hand raised.
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I have two CAGS DNA Sexed 2 year old male and female.

I got Nikki (the female) when she was just baby...I got Nikko as a rescue when they were both a year old...e.g. Nikki had already been around a year before Nikko came into the picture.

They adore talking to each other etc and Nikko often cruises over to Nikki's cage but they are not kept in the same cage together.

Sometimes they get along GREAT ... other times they start pecking at each other in ways that could cause harm. For this reason we never allow them to be alone together. It only takes one mishap to cause a great deal of damage.

I know of others that have raised their CAGs together and that's working out great for them. The birds get along fantastically! So in the end I think it just depends on the birds and the situation....

You'll also be able to see which bird is more dominant by which one is able to remain above the other...

Nikko is higher in this pic even though he's on Nikki's cage. Every time he cruises over to Nikki's cage he ends up on top with her a step or two below....
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Deb...I love your pics of Nikko and Nikki. They're both beautiful. My greybabies are male and female siblings (Annabelle and Dylan). Annabelle hatched two days before Dylan and she is dominant. They get along very well, even preening and feeding each othern. This is probably because they have been raised together. I've had them since they were three months old. If they do have a dissagreement, it's usually over a favorite toy. As I am sure you are aware.....birds don't really like to share, so I have to make sure I have two of everything. Annabelle and Dylan both have big vocabularies and it's fun listening to them talking to each other. They know their own names and even the correct name for each of my dogs. I am always amazed at their intelligence. It's great fun having two at a time!
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