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That big ole cage cleaning day

You know how at least once a month you should knock down your cages and really get in there and clean every crevice take out old toys and put in some new ones. Well I cleaned all 3 of mine on Sunday. Let me just say that neurotic, anal, obsessive, perfectionists should not be allowed to have birds. 6 plus hours it took me to clean 3 cages. I even used my steam cleaner. But no I just couldn't be happy with steam cleaning I had to wash everything in antibacterial dish detergent rinse it down then wipe it down with Nolvasan and THEN I would steam it! I must be insane. Then I don't know about anybody else but it took me like 30 minutes to decide what toys and perches I was going to use and how to put them in there. That would be 30 minutes for each cage! Next time I am getting a bird that I can teach to clean his own cage!
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Oh Dena that's what being snowed in will do for you!!!lol I spend an hour and a half every week thoroughly cleaning the bunny cage! I'm nuts too when it comes to my animals...when it comes to the house...well lets just not mention it!lol I bet you were cranky when they threw the bird food for the first time right?lol

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I hear ya Dena! Thank god I only have one cage!
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We had over 15 parrots at once when I was living in Hawaii with my parents and we cleaned the cages once or twice a week depending on how bad they were AND we did a FULL clean EVERY time.(All the cages at once.) The birds would go on the play perches and I'd be out back scrubbing and sanitizing (yup it was my job.) I always got mucking out for the horses too LOL

What we did to make it easier in the large cages was to take plexi-glass and cut it in the shape of the tray and put that in there instead of newspapers (or whatever you use) It made cleaning MUCH easier! When I am able to get Duckie a bigger cage (shes in a good sized one for now, but I want a bigger one for her) thats what I am going to do
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Dena, when i clean my hamster cage, which I know is much smaller then a bird cage, I do go a bit nuts too and remodeling takes a lot of pondering as well.
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I do my best to clean the birds' cage as well. It can take me so long though and I always end up being drenched by the end. Lol.
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I never realized how bad I was about it until my husband told me I was insane and it gets worse every month. I think its because I am running out of toys perches. I was throwing some of them away but because I am getting lowI have to wash them all down and put them back in the same day where I would usually just clean them through the dishwasher. I have lots of cememt perches and acrylic toys so they are reusable and VERY expensive. I'm about to place an order with Drs Foster and Smith thats going to cost me around $200 if not more just for a good supply of bird toys. I think I need therapy!
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Dena - Dante and Dweezil are due for all new toys and perches. I know it's going to be a $200.00 minimum! (which right now is painful... everything caves in at once sometimes UGH!) Those cement perches and acrylic toys are outrageous when you think about it! You don't need therapy- unless I do too? I do the exact same thing - I use the steam cleaner - but I also scrub with antibacterial solution. I don't let anything air-dry either because I am so impatient - I dry every little corner and speck by hand, with my bag of clean rags and towels that I keep just for pet cleaning!
Oh, then I have to wash all the towels and rags in hot water and bleach...
Jim took over the bird cage cleaning a few months ago - ack! He's not nearly as perfectionistic as I am and I go back and re-clean what he's already done. I sit and ponder where to put what toy or perch... he rolls his eyes at me a lot!

I run some of the toys and perches through the dishwasher - they come out really good and I know they are sanitized.

Thanks for reminding me it's bird-cage cleaning time ....ugh ugh ugh

Carmen? When they are put back into their immaculate newly cleaned cages the first thing Dante does is shove his head into his water dish, splash it all over, dip his breast, more water splash - then he goes to his food, shoves his beak in there and like a shovel, throws the food all over!!
It's really an exercise in futility...
It's an entire afternoon project - about 3 or 4 hours to thouroughly clean 2 cages - one very large and one medium. It's the worst job in the entire world to me!

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