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Bird Cages that are Best for your Fine Feathered Friends

From their brightly colored feathers to their amazing ability to fly, sing and to mimic speech, birds make excellent and rewarding pets. In addition, birds are seen as low maintenance pets, which is why they are often chosen as a “first pet” for many novice pet parents. There is a wide array of pet birds, which include tropical hookbills, such as the various members of the parrot family, as well as the smaller and daintier species of songbirds. While there are particular species of birds that require more attention than others, providing them with the proper care entails a well-balanced diet along with bird cages that comfortably accommodate their size and activity requirements. When it comes to choosing the right cage for your pet bird, please keep in mind that it must be large enough for your pet bird to fully extend his wings as well as to freely hop from one perch to another. As with many caged pets, it’s important for birds to have regular physical and mental stimulation. This is why many bird cages are equipped with swings, ladders and other dangling toys designed to keep birds occupied and to prevent them from becoming bored. Meanwhile, there are cages that even have activity centers designed with birds in mind. By housing a pet bird in a cage that is too small, you are putting your feathered friend at risk for boredom and other unwanted behaviors, which include aggression, biting, screaming and even self-mutilation. Find the type of cage that will best suit the needs of your fine feathered friends today and provide them with the very best care today.
If there is a particular type of cage or brand that has worked well for you, please feel free to share what type of cage (size, brand, type) as well as what type of bird(s) you have... This way, novice birders can reference this list and choose the right cage for their birds.

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Where do you get the the assumption that they are often chosen as a first pet, or that they are seen as low maintenance pets?

Only the uneducated or someone too lazy to do even the basest of research would consider these things to be true.

Birds are small, have high metabolisms and have specific environmental needs. They become ill quickly, require experienced avian vets and can be extremely expensive to cage, feed and maintain.

They are poor choices for most people, especially the larger, tropical parrots like Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws.


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Actually many do view them as disposable because many dont do research just pick up stuff labeled for them which is almost never appropriate ... My first pet was a parakeet and looking back my parents were very stupid for doing that.
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Old post but have to add my 2 cents. They for sure are not low maintenance. They require attention on a daily basis and most important is to be educated on how to take care of them. Before I brought mine home I read as much as possible and glad I did. They are so entertaining too!
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Ive always stuck to Budgies. Easy to look after, love toys and are quite affectionate.
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I have an African Grey named Congo that has been in my family for 30 years. When I say my family, I mean he started with my grandparents, went to my Uncle, who gave him back to my grandparents, who then gave him to my parents, who gave him to me, and he has been with me for 15 years.
They thought he would be low maintenance too. I think people who don't realize how much actual time and work it takes to have a bird, really should do a bit more homework.
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