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Bird Calling The Shots!

Okay im careing for my boyfriends or whatever he is now, bird,its a mustach parakeet,and the bird absoultly adores his daddy.He likes me too he gives me lovings and calls me names and begs for food.But he can be a butt too,i dont know when his daddy will be back it could be 6 months to a year till he comes to get him.
I took him out last night to let him wonder around and do what he wanted and when i went to pick him up he attacked me,he use to do that before sometimes,he is very spolied and and knows i dont enjoy being bit.When we brought him home from the vet once he wouldnt talk or let me touch him for two weeks like i had done something to him,the vet was a female i was thinking maybe that had something to do with it.But now its just me and him,so he's gonna have to face the music,i put a cracker in his cage this morning and he went to bite my finger.He dosnt bite me super hard,but enuff to say oww.I told him NO NO NO and took his cracker away. I know birds can be strange ,he use to be alot nicer to me until i got my pet rats,and ever since its like he is jelous.But i pay them alll equal attention.He is nice when im giving him food but when i just want to hold him,he can be such a butt,little user lol He is real real smart and dosnt miss a thing.
Any suggestions on how to make him not bite me ? I know he is wondering where his daddy is, he sleeps in the same room as we did,so he is constantly in the know.I think he also is a Man's bird ,whenever my brothers come in he goes crazy talking to them and he is just as nice as can be.But to be honest i really love this bird alot he is the coolest thing ever,minus the biteing&useing.I just want him to know even though i feed and water him and give him lots of lovins and treats that dosnt mean im whimpy fimpy lol
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Just give him time and love. I think he will come around.
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Yeah i think so too,just gonna take time,i had him out again last nite .When i ignore him he seems to be more intrested in me,so thats my tactics so far lol I have been saying"I LOVE YOU" in a wierd silly way for the past four days every time i walk by his cage or take him out. My brother and i were sitting in the room and i let him out and he came to me and said "I LOVE YOU" at least it sounded just like it,and i have a witness ,so i know im not going bonkers lol That was so cool,he mimics alot of things ,ive been tryin to get him to say Kittayyyy,ever since i met him,i say "i love you for a few days and he says it.Just goes to show,birds are just like people in alot of ways they say and do what they want.
I have a whole new respect for birds since ive been around him,but im still a novice,and find alot of things they do strange,and funny.
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