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bleeding on end tail and itchy sore skin,plucking neck and end tail?

I have a 4 years old african grey parrot which i GOT WHEN HE WAS ONLY A MONTH and buddy never was sick till from 2 weeks ago it started to plucks her feather that ended up within 2-3 days of bare neck and some tails area.i thought it is normal for the weather changes,but i noticed it flies and pull down on ground like a histric and panic person.i took him to vet and he said it might be poisoned and well be ok without any prescription.i changed her diet to more pallet and some garlic,paper,carrot,tomato and all meshed for him or her(i do not know her sex yet)to swallow and totally removed chocolate and tea from his diet.noticed her neck area is getting better and growing but he still itches her self and 2-3 times he bleeder from his end tail that i noticed there is broken shaft.i am restless of searching all through internet for about 10 days and even i did not go to work for some days to take care of her,cause he is the only baby and relatives in have with me
so i called his vet back home and send all her poops photos and feather situation..he though he might have parasitic,so i put him on spray and anti flea shampoo and even Iodin today...
her poops seems natural .but still he is plucking,,however less,i do not know how can i be sure he is safe?
should i pull out that one broken bleeding shaft?i pray you say no,cause it is scary
2-does it have mite?can it be worm?however i do not see any thing is her poops.
3-but i found some pest on plastic nylon of his food bag (like mites???(they are dark brown like little jumping,narrow or rounder,,different shapes)so i put them all in trash,,watched all her toys,,it is around 3 days i am washing or cleaning areas..
do not know what i can do?i do not trust his vet here ,,i do not think he is knowledgeable for birds..
and traveling to another vet cost me again 110 $ (while my finance doe snot let me to go for nothing) while i know sth is wrong and need to hear from a great breeder and very experienced people(parrot keeper).
please help me to cure him
i even added vitamin D,and A in his foods,,
what else should i do?
he does not sneeze or his nostril is clean.just he plucks ,feels itchy and stressful
100% sure he is not suffering of stress..all is the same routine..just sth is hurting him either internal(blood infection??liver problem??or skin problem???
please give me your best ideas.
the new small feather on his neck area seems not strong enough when he pulls them out they easily been removed and i noticed when he plucks some other areas it seems those one is like a rootless ,poor quality ,thread thin kind of hair look -alike.i do not know(my English vocabulary does not let me to bring proper word here)
but in total her feathers quality is the same as before,nothing particular changed ,,,
please help me or if you need some photos i can send it to you ,
he loves to sing and dance and likes to learn ,he is very cute adorable baby and loves Marilyn monroe's song a lot (like her mom)

God Bless all

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you can leave your email if you want to send you some photos

if you want to see some photos please provide me your email kindly
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african grey parrot, bleeding, grey, itchy skin

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