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Bleeding lovebird...


I have a lovebird who has been bleeding. . . I noticed it when I went to take him out of his cage for some medicine; there was blood on the perches and the bottom of his cage. The reason he needs medicine is because he got hair or something wrapped around his foot, so he has a swollen toe. . . one vet said he might need his toe amputated, the second gave us some silvadene cream for his toe, and some liquid medicine. . . The bleeding had stopped, but as he was walking on my shoulder about half an hour ago, I was getting specks of blood on my shirt. My mother can't take him to the vet's because we have company over, and we will be busy with more company tomorrow. My aunt is over, who is a vet, and she couldn't do anything. . . my cousin, who is also over, is a nurse and suggested kwik-stop, for when you cut the quick of a bird's toe. . . so we did that, but I'm afraid that he might bleed again. I think he had bitten his foot. I would love to include a picture so I can show you how it looks, so you understand me better, but my father is away, and he has the digital camera. The toe is swollen and black almost. . . One patch under his toe near his nail is white. The skin of his nail fell off, so it is bone, but I can't see the bone very well anymore... The vet said he would shed the rest of the skin on his toe. . . What can I do? I've been looking for a place for help, and this seemed like a good place.

We are moving on Friday and we are taking a car. . . it will be a 4 day trip. . . is there anything I should bring along incase it bleeds again?

He is also paranoid. . . He doesn't like being taken out of the cage, and he doesn't like other people handling him. This isn't like him, and my mum thinks it's because of the vet trips and the medicines he has to take.

Please help,
Thank you.
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I think they qwik stop was a good idea, that's what I was going to suggest. I'd say take him in to your vet before you guys leave and ask the vet if there's anything you can do or take on the ride. Your mom's probably right about him being distrustful because of the vet trips and stuff, his poor little foot probably hurts too
I'm sure one of the bird people will be along soon to give more advice
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Yes, he doesn't walk on his foot most of the time. He hops around. He will STAND on both feet, but he doesn't put too much weight on the foot with the black toe. I've been letting him out often and keeping him out for long periods of time. When people are around, he hides under my hair.
I am just so afraid that the long trip will make him even more stressed out or paranoid. The vet said he had been stressed when she first gave him his medicine. He was throwing up. . . Then he gets very hungry and thirsty. I think he isn't as bad when he is out of his cage and just sitting around with me, but he prefers his cage.
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Sounds like he might be picking at and reopening the wound and the fact that it is black it does sound like it may have to be amputated. For now until you can get him to a vet I would keep quick stop or you could try cornstarch it will do the same thing. Make sure his food and his cage stay clean and dry to reduce the risk of infection.
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Okay, thank you so much! I almost want his toe to be amputated so he won't be in so much pain.
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If you don't have kwik stop or corn starch, flour is the next thing on the list. Or go to WalMart or somewhere like that and go to the men's shaving stuff and buy a steptic pencil. It is like the kwik stop but a more solid form.

The toe definately sounds necrotic, and he may be better off with it gone. You're right, he wouldn't be in pain and they adapt so quickly.

By all means, call your veterinarian BEFORE you go on your trip and get his/her suggestions. It's odd for a bird to throw up (unless he is regurgitating to feed young birds) and I would want to know what to take with you and how to give it to him just in case. She may even offer a couple of silver nitrate sticks, depending on how long you'll be gone. You moisten them then put them on the wound to stop the bleeding. They hurt like the dickens, but they work!

Good luck! Let us know what happens.


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