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Question Bleu is driving me crazy

Bleu is our blue Indian ringneck. This is only with me. when hes chillin on his cage or sitting on top of the cage door and i want to get him, i put my finger and **** just tilt his head back and start doing his lil sound he does when i pet him. He wont go on my finger, but if my dad comes and does the same thing, **** go on my dads finger. Only time **** go on my finger is when he goes on the floor or comes to me when my dads holding him. I dont get it...anyone have any idea i can get him to come with me again?
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He probably favors your dad ... birds tend to follow a dominance system ... your dad is probably the alpha ... your bird is the beta and you are somewhere below ... don't lose hope!

The fact that he will get on you at all is a good sign ... a lot of birds consider their cage to be their territory and only allow someone higher on the "system" to come into their territory ... hence your "alpha" dad. He'll come to you when he is not on his cage because you both are out of "his" territory.

I would keep trying ... don't reinforce the idea that it is okay to treat you that way ... I know height plays a critical role in this ... if your bird is on top of its cage or the cage door when this is a problem then it probably has a significant height advantage over you. Your dad is taller than you too, I'm guessing. Use a step stool to add to your own height -- and perceived dominance.

Unfortunately, unless you correct this behavior now it will only get worse to where he may not come to you at all. Start working with him to reinforce good behavior now ... It'll be a lot easier than trying to do the same thing when it is a lot worse ...
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Actually, im taller than my dad and Bleu's cage, haha. Its not that he acts mad or anything, He doesnt act territorial with me. When my dad tries to get him from me when hes on my shoulder, **** snap at my dad, but he wont do that to me. He just started this like a month ago. Where he just wants me to pet him and thats all. My dad just told me today that he just lowers his head on my dad too. Heh, i guess he just doesn't like to be held anymore. Just petted. Aww well...
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Geez ... well he just sounds like my old African Grey then ... grouchy.
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Some birdies are just like that Tortuga. I doubt it's a height issue since he's not showing aggression. He may have switched his alliance to your dad - it happens all the time. But don't sounds like he still is well behaved around you...just not steping up, right?

You just need to continue to work with him. When he does what you want (step up or whatever) be sure to verbally reward him. (Food treats help too!) Birdies take lots of paitence - good luck to ya!
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Bleu is driving me crazy

try this when bleu is with youre dad have youre dad interact with you and show bleu its ok to go to you , we have done this with our green cheek because he does favor my hubby and since we showed him its ok to interact with me with dads approval he is easy going when i hold him and touch him , hes needing to have the approveal of his buddy and this should help .
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All hope is not lost! Birds don't nescessarily follow a "pack order" or dominance order the way dogs and cats do. They tend to "pair bond" and "flock bond" in a more diplomatic way - more the way our families bond. There are people they view as parents and if you are the one who has raised him (I don't know how long you have had him?) when he reaches sexual maturity it's very natural for them to reject the parent and bond with a "mate".

This can feel very insulting - like you are being rejected, but in essence, you are. There are ways to stay bonded and keep a relationship with Bleu where he'll obey and respect and trust you.

Take him away from his cage to work with him. His cage and often the area around his cage are his safe territory. If you remove him to a room he's never been in, he'll naturally rely on you for safety and security. Take a pocket full of small treats with you. For a lot of birds bribes work wonders!

When you have Bleu in another room work with him for about 10-15 minutes a day. Work on "Step Up!" or "UP!" whatever command you use to convey you want him to step up onto your finger. Do this over and over, switching hands and saying "Step Up!" each time you do it. Feed him some yummy treats from your hand as a reward. Talk to him gently and tell him what a "pretty bird" he is. Put him on the floor, then "Step Up!" to your hand and pick him up. Get creative - there are all kinds of places you can safely play "Step UP!" and in the process of playing this game you'll be reinforcing and teaching him to always respond to your command. You'll also be reinforcing trust and building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

After a few days of working on "Step Up" in a different room (and you can switch rooms every day even using the hallway or landing to a staircase, you don't need much room. I used to like the bathroom because my birds love the way they sound in there!
Start bringing some toys with you. Offer him a toy and praise him if he takes it from you. You can make a game of giving and taking toys, praising and talking to him and offering treats.

He will get the message that you still want a relationship with him even if he's switching his alliance to your Dad.
Be persistant and consistant.

I had to go through rings of fire to re-establish a relationship with my Yellow Collared Macaw. I hand-fed and raised him and he totally rejected me for my husband. I was surprised at how little time it took to re-bond with him. Once I realized the dynamic and went to work with him he started to respond almost immediately.

Don't give up He's a gorgeous, beautiful bird!
Good Luck - keep us posted on how he's doing!

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Yes, patience... hes a sweetheart anyways, haha. Its ok though, he might be mad at me for when i took him to get his wings clipped. :/
Well ty for your input.
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wow Linda, hehe i didn't see your messege till i posted my little one. Ty for that info. The reason ive been trying to get him to get on my finger is to do exactly that. haha. Weve havent had him for too long. like 4 months. I bought him for my mother as a christmas gift.
Im the one that gives him more attention. Im the one that opens up his cage door, i say hello to him and say how pretty he is, and i pet him and he puts his head back while i pet him and makes this funny sound and i can see him moving underneath his beak. haha. Its actually quite cute till im like "nooo.... i want you to go on my finger" haha. i get worried sometimes because ill walk into the room hes in and he'll be on the floor, and im like "oh no" so i get him and **** go up my arm onto my shoulder and start going at my hair. haha. he gives me lil kisses i say "give me kiss" and he does. only with me... hehe. Well the whole thing about him going with my dad, my dad had informed me today that he wont go on his finger either when hes on his cage. My dads a little more agressive where im like baby talking to Bleu.
I got bleu for my mother but she was afraid of him at first, but i told her she needs to talk to him and slowly build up his friendship, she followed what i said and now he lets her touch him. shes still too afraid to pick him up.

wow im talking too much, ok ill shut up now. haha.
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I also had the same problem with my Jezebel, she favored me and then was briefly hospitalized last month, after she came home, of course I was the one giving the meds, and I became the enemy. She favored my husband for that time (and shortly before that too).

It took a little bribery with favorite treats, but now she is back with mommy, still gets a little crabby with hubby now and then, but we can both handle her now.

I am starting to believe with birds it's a day to day love affair.....

I'm sure this will work out for you, it takes time. Good luck.


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So i realized, he just doesnt know i want him to go on my finger. I got him used to me petting him so thats all hed want. So i would put his little feet on my finger then he got the point. so woohoo! now i can pick him up without any struggle.
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