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Question Budgies?

I'm doing research on possibly buying some budgies, and I heard they liked to live with others, as they're.. colony birds, can I call them? Anyway, I've bought some books and done some research and I'm waiting a month or two to get any, but I had a question or two about grouping. If I were to get three.. two males and a female, would I need to seperate her to discourage breeding too early? Or would the two males fight over her?
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Budgies being parakeets, that is. o_o
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If you are looking to breed then I would stick with two unless you have a huge aviary. Two males and one female is not a good combination. I would stick with one male and one female. Even though birds live in flocks they still will pair up with one partner. The two males will most likely end of fighting. To prevent them from breeding usually all it takes is not having a nest or any nesting material in with them. Once they have a nest or nest box they should start breeding. However, it is possible that the female will lay eggs anyway and they will drop to the bottom of the cage.

I had an experience lately where my budgie saw her reflection fell in love and laid eggs. She didn't care for them at all so I was able to take them away from her shortly after.
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Alrighty, I was leaning towards just two, anyway. Thanks a bunch for replying. :3 I'm not sure if I'd breed them, and if so not anytime soon. I want to get them a little bit young, and I heard they might breed before they were old enough and I don't want any of that.

Thanks again, I'll keep reading and get myself well educated. That's pretty crazy about her falling in love with herself. I've read about a few stories of odd love for parakeets. Toys, mirrors. Odd little birdies they are.
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parakeets are at breeding age at 4 months old. Always have more males than females (thats what i was told) because if you have more females then they tend to fight and kill the young in the nest boxes (personal experience) because they dont have a male to choose from. I had a female go wild on me and she went from box to box killing and pecking the young babies in the boxes I had to remove the babies and hand rear them. just speaking from personal experience here. I have parakeets again and they are just now breeding after a year of having them.
good luck
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lay eggs, nest box, nesting material

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