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I had a cockatiel once years ago; a friend no longer wanted to care for him and, well, she knew who to ask!

I would love to have one again and there is a pair up for adoption at a local shelter. They were from the same home, but don't need to be placed together.

I'm wondering if cockatiels, like some birds, keep and need the same partner for life?

I don't know who I'm kidding...I would get both anyway!
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I would get both of them just because they have been together and probably are used to having a friend. I remember when I gave my birds away last winter I gave all 7 to one person and she still has them together. They did great with the move and are very happy.
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Get them! Get them! Get them!!!!!!!!! Hurry up! And I want pictures!!! =D
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I'll let you all know! I really want them, but with having 4 cats, 3 pigs and 3 hamsters in a small home, right now, I probably should hold off. I think...

I was thinking about building a C+C cage for them, but modifying it for a bird. Has anyone ever done that??
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I don't know about C&C for birds, but I bet it could work.

I know this auction already ended, but when I saw it I thought it was pretty neat, and maybe just the pictures could give you an idea.
Isn't this too cool?!
Here's another bigger one:
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OMG! They only sold for 11.00!!!??? Those are pretty neat looking! Thanks!
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It was just the plans that were sold. You have to make the cages yourself.
I want to see pictures if you figure something out! =D Good luck!
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I definately would not separate them. I don't know that they bond for life - but that should be easy to find out. Just the fact that they are already buddies would be enough for me. Now go get them before someone else does!! (And cockatiels will mourn and refuse to eat; I almost starved one to death trying to wean it because it wanted to be near ME. So you have to watch that too)

Aren't the C&C cages plastic or plastic coated? Sorry I'm ignorant about those. But if they aren't metal they will be chewed on and up, because a bird's duty in life is to chew!



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Thanks for the advice. The cubes are metal, but must be coated with some sort of paint, however I've never had them chip off before....maybe not a good idea tough.

People really think I'm nuts 'cause I'm always getting some sort of critter. Why would I let that stop me now?

local shelter

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