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i currently have 2 cockateils, sunny and cher, cher used to be teddy until we discovered our little teddy was a female,
well my mom wants a lovebird so weve been around to some breeders in my area, and i was wondering if when i let them fly around the house, is it ok for all of them to fly together, or just do them seperately, any one hwo has a lovebird and has anything to say would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Hi Lauren, Nice to have another birdy person! Well to help you with your question... I would not let them out together immediately. First you should see how they interact with each other by putting their cages next to each other. Lovebirds despite their name can be very agressive (towards people and other birds) I am a little leary of putting different species together or putting a third in with a pair. The cockatiels might get defensive and attack the lovebird. Just remember to take it slow and start off by letting them out separately. They may never like each other or they could hit it off right off the bat. Birds (as I am sure you know) are so unpredictible!

I have a Senegal Parrot, a Parrotlet and a Budgie. They are clipped so they do not fly around. My Senegal comes out but usually plays on me, my budgie is "agoraphobic" and prefers to give me kisses from the safety of his cage, and my parrotlet she is a little bit more of an explorer. I have tried to have them interact buy they are all bonded to me and they get nippy with each other. I will never be able to put them all out together but that seems just fine with them!
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well i had my first cockatiel , sunny, for about 4 yrs before i got cher, my second, and they dont really pay mind to eachother even though they share a cage... sunny thinks shes a person not a bird. lol..
what exactly is a parrotlet?
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A parrotlet is a cousin to an amazon but about 10 times smaller. My parrotlet is smaller than my budgie. But their attitude is about the same size as their cousin if not bigger! Here is a great site that has some really good pictures and info if you are interested Parrotlet link
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I have birds (an Eclectus and an African Gray) and I agree totally with Dena. Be careful about getting them together - somebody could come out of it minus some toes!

My birds talk to each other, but rarely see each other and on the occasions when they do it isn't pretty - even with one in a cage and one out. The Eclectus started out very bonded to my husband and would have nothing to do with me. Now he is only happy with his cage in my bedroom. We talk a lot while I do make-up, etc., and have "love time" every night. He's happy to be out of his cage, especially if he is sitting on you. He gives me kisses and says "I love you" but refuses to call himself Mama's Green Bird.

The Gray was bought at a "dough-baby" - few pinfeathers and not much to look at. She was totally MINE - she growled whenever Bubba (or anyone else) got close to her cage, etc. Then a few months ago I guess her hormones started kicking in and he looks better to her than I do. She flirts with him and gives him kisses (but still talks in my voice) but like Dena's bird is a bit agoraphobic and prefers the safety of her cage to the wide open spaces.

CLIP WINGS!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. I lost my first African Gray because her wings had not been clipped - a friend had kept her while I was out of town and was supposed to do them but "forgot". She used to like to sit on top of her cage. One day Bub didn't realize that she was out so he left the door open for the dogs. I heard a thump and a whoosh and she was gone forever. I still miss her because she was so sweet to everyone and so chatty.

I've also had 'tiels (hand-raised one for my g'daughter not long ago) and before the FMS got so bad I would take care of my friends aviary for her when she was out of town. I'm no expert, but I've got a lot of books!!



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There are a lot of hazards in a house....some people make bird rooms...or flying rooms where the birds can safely play and fly...but unless you're ready to make that commitment it's a good idea to clip their wings. My cockatiel Romeo once flew into a window by mistake....he was alright but it scared the **** out of me...immediately after i had his wings clipped. It would be devastating to lose your baby.

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