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Exclamation Critter and other bird people help!

Our new little rescue budgie has lost all the feathers around her cere(nostrils). When we got her we treated her with this hagen scaly face stuff just in case she had mites. well a week or so after we stopped puting it on. she lost a lot of feathers around here cere and it doesn't look scaly face her feet and legs look fine so does her vent. What should i do. I know everyone is going to say take her to the vet, well we plan on it but we can't go unitl january. so i was wondering if there was something we could do until then. Any idea at what this could be, she can't read them to pluck them out, she has been rubbing her face against the bars every once in a awhile but is other wise her normal crazy self......i dunno any ideas
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oh btw i can post a picture of her on sunday when i get her for this month while neuroticah is in tailand
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no ideas? anyone?
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Akasha - I can't think of much off the top of my head. Obviously she's rubbing her face on something - is there anything new in the cage or have you changed her food?

I'm done for the night, but will check the books tomorrow. In the meantime, you might want to go to or I know that Up at Six has a board where you can sign up and ask questions and it is all about birds. Maybe somebody there could give you some advice.

Let me know if you find out something from them ([email protected]) and I'll check out what a couple of my books have to say in the a.m.


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Well I don't know why, but I never saw this thread yesterday and I was on too

Anyhow, it could be a million and one things, also make sure to take notice of how she is sleeping, is she on one foot or two. One foot is a good sign, two feet shows signs of being lathargic and not able to hold balance. Does she puff up her feathers a lot or is she pretty alert and churpie.

It could be that your little budgie may just be going through a molt. (my one bird lost all of his tail feathers all at once) Check to see if new pin feathers are coming in. It could also be that the stuff you used for mites might have damaged the feather folicles and caused the feathers to fall out. You might want to try some vitamin e on the area, just a little tiny bit strait from the capsule, the area might be too dry and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately I am not sure as too anything more at the moment and will like Critter do some research and let you know what else could be the problem. Please make sure that you tell Neuroticah to move the budgie away from Romeo immediately. If she can put the birds in separate rooms. Birds catch things very easily from each other and I know she would be devistated if anything happened to Romeo.

I hope this has helped a little and please keep me posted!
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I'm sorry I didn't see this untill now. Between the coughing and sneezing and Christmas and sick critters. :OP

Is she still having this problem?? Did you ever get a pic of her??

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