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Question decisions, decisions

Hey all,
I'm thinking about adding a bird to my family of 2 Dogs and a rabbit, but I'm not sure what kind of bird I want to get. or if i should even get one.
I had Parakeets when I was younger but they never lived long. I was thinking about maybe a love bird or a cockatiel.
I work 8 hours sometimes 16 hours so I'm not sure a bird could handle me being gone that long. my friend has one and says it goes frantic when she leaves and tries to bite her when she returns home.
(btw When I have to work 16 hours I have a friend that comes and checks on the pets for me.)
What do you think? is a bird a bad choice for me?
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You'd want more than one, for sure. Also, birds need to have their cages covered, OR be in a dark room that's completely quiet for no less than 8 hours, and no more then 10, so they can sleep. Many birds will "call out" to their owners in the morning, and at night, before bed, this is to assure themselves that you are nearby(they do this in the wild, call out to each other before settling in to sleep).

If you can't have their cage covered, or have them in a dark room from 8-10 hours, if you can't call back to them in the morning, and at night, then yeah...I'd say a bird probably wouldn't be a very good choice for you.
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I agree with you I don't thin a bird would be right for me. so I got a rat instead.
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Could you possibly get your rat a friend? Rats are social animals and should always be kept in groups.

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