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Do your birds adapt well to change?

I just wanted to say hello to everybody. I'm pretty new here and have spent the last few days learning my way around this site. My name is Brenda and I live with a 6 yr. old male Severe Macaw named Woodstock, aka Woody or Woodrow, and a 6 1/2 yr. old female Jardine's parrot named Yoshi.

The company I work for in Alabama is closing soon and I'll be going to school in January for 2 semesters before moving home to Maryland. I wonder if any of you have made a major move with your birds before, and how did they accept the change? I've made 2 small moves in the last 3 years that they were a little nervous about. Woody accepts change pretty well but Yoshi stresses over change. She cried a lot for 3 months after each move. But my ex husband (whom she adores) was around to visit with her a couple of extra times a week. This move will be major. I'll be moving in with my recently widowed mother and her Conure. The ex husband will be over 800 miles away and unable to drop in to visit a few times a week.

I'm trying to think of ways to prepare them for this move, but what on earth can you do to prepare a bird for major changes?
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Hello & welcome to PawTalk!

We have a macaw that handled our move very well (we bought a new house last year) but Toby's pretty young so that might have helped. I've heard that any pictures or items that you have in their room or area now should try to be set up similar so they will have some familiar things in their new situation.

You have a Jardines?!? I WANT!!
We've been going back and forth but it's just not a good time right now. We'll probably have to wait until next year. I would love to hear about Yoshi though! And see pictures please!!
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Eephus (B&G Macaw) lived at a pet store for a year and half before coming to live with us. He settled in right away, new cage and everything. Then, he went to stay at Jodi's when we went on vacation 9 months later, and within minutes he settled in there. So, he's pretty adaptable.
I wish I had some advice for poor Yoshi. Maybe just trying to be right there with her as much as possible after you get moved in ?

Welcome to PT, by the way

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Speaking from personal experience, I've found that a bird is much more affected by changes to their cage and personal space than from what is outside it. I think the best you can do for your bird is just make sure that the main cage is set up the same in the new home to provide reassurance and comfort.
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Congo African Greys are known to be prone to plucking and such... but my Gympster never has... he has moved from me in New Mexico to Indiana to live with my parents when I went to basic training, then he lived there for a year and loved my mom, then moved back to me now that I am stationed in California. He's the same boy he's always been. He was upset with me at first, but he decided it wasnt worth not gettin attention... so he's all into me again. The only thing that has ever gotten to him was a vet that did 'birds too' who used a plier thing to cut his beak and clipped his nails to the point a few were bleeding, and HORRIBLY clipped his wings... that vet was the only person he has ever growled at, luckily the REAL bird vet he went to right after that fiasco was a woman, and really nice... he learned his name that day, and was back to normal... so always go to a REAL avian vet! That was the only time he stopped eating, though he didnt pull feathers or anything. Sorry went sorta off-topic, but i had to rant.

I think it depends on the bird himself, he takes most things in strides... especially if there is a *small* piece of sharp cheddar in the future.

...though maybe it helped that my mom spoiled him ROTTEN!!!

also... i never kept up any certain schedule or anything.. so he was used to new things and daily happenings. I think that helped.
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Hello Brenda. I just got a Jardine's named ALASTAIR (hence my screen name) and absolutely love her, they just thought Ally was a she but we don't know, but I do know she is a lesser species and is my sweet baby. I read two books on parrots before I got her and spent two months visiting her before I made the purchase. I think she is about 6-9 months. Just getting the orange on her head. Any way I would like to see a picture of your Jardine. Ally can say "hello" already, although it is still fuzzy. I would just like to talk to someone who also has a Jardine because it seems there are not many Jardine owners. And maybe you can tell me what to expect as she matures. Thanks. I'll try to submit a picture of her!!
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Hi Alastair! Welcome to PawTalk!

You have a Jardine?? I want one!! I would love to see a picture!!
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