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Egg Binding and Chronic Egg Laying

By: Dr. Jenni Bass

Section: Overview

A chronic egg layer is a hen whose laying is prolonged, excessive or out of season for her species. Chronic egg laying is usually associated with lovebirds, cockatiels, finches, canaries, budgerigars and doves. Most avian species kept as pets, however, can exhibit unwanted reproductive activity, and eggs can be laid with or without the presence of a male. It cannot be predicted with certainty whether a given bird will or will not develop problems associated with egg laying.

Egg binding is a delay in the normal passage of the egg through the oviduct (analogous to the mammalís uterus). Dystocia, meaning difficult or abnormal birth, refers to a mechanical or physical obstruction, which prevents laying. Nutrition, physical condition, genetics, health and environmental factors as well as the presence of underlying disease all play a role in egg binding, dystocia and their associated life threatening complications.

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