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A Few Questions from new parakeet owner

I just purchased a new parakeet about 2 weeks ago, just one. I had a couple of questions as this is my first bird.

1) First of all he still does not seem to be warming up to me, I'm not sure if this is the usual time frame or not. He will sit on my finger once in a while, but will often flutter off (his wings are clipped so he ends up on the ground quick). Every time I try to put my hand in the cage to take him out he will run away from it, I've tried going slowly and being patient but it doesn't seem to be working. Is he still adjusting and is this normal? What can I do to make him comfortable with me?

2) He also seems to be making a lot of noise lately, even during the afternoons, he also is talkative in the morning, is this normal?

3) He flutters around his cage more often now and I think his wings may be growing back but that seems really quick for that, any way to tell how far along they are? I wouldn't want him being able to fly especially when he still appears to be scared of me.

4) Also I have a cuttlebone in his cage that he has yet to use, how to I let him know how to do that? Also do his claws need to be trimmed and how often?

Thank you everyone.
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Congrats on the new birdie! What kind of parakeet did you get?

As far as the warming up thing - it does take time for them to adjust. How old is the bird? Several 20 minute sessions a day would be great. He just needs love and attention to come around. If it's a rescue or a re-home then it will take more work then if you have a hand raised baby. It sounds like you're doing great though, if he will sit on your hand for short periods of time. Just continue to do what you are doing. Be sure to talk to him...be animated and expressive (even if you feel silly!) and feel free to offer him treats!

The noise is normal - that's a bird for ya! Most, but not all, species of birds are more vocal or talkative or "noisy" during the morning and evening. And he will eventually discover his cuttlebone. In one of your times when he is sitting on your finger you can show it to him....you can also show him some of his toys. Be sure to talk goofy - alot of times the tones of our voices can get their attention.

Is this bird a baby? Kinda seems like it might be. If it's just a baby, give it time, it will come around.

Here is a link on wing trimming: Wing Trimming
(it's for lovebirds but you get the idea)
Here is a link on nail trimming:
Nail Trimming
Nail Trimming
I would strongly suggest taking your bird to get groomed a few times (vet's do it for pretty cheap as do bird stores) and watching how they do it. You can ask them questions, etc. It can be scary the first time you do it and this way you'll feel more comfortable.

Good luck with your new birdie!

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If he's sitting on your finger at all then you've done well in a couple of weeks - sounds like he might have already had some training.

My Budgie has been with me a couple of months and he knows me enough to carry on dozing when I walk past him and I can get close enough to butt him with my nose if I wanted. What he won't tolerate though is my hands getting close.

What slightly bothers me is that he used to allow me to offer him millet if I held the stalk. Now he doesn't even trust me to do that. Oh well, in all other respects he seems trusting enough.
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