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foods in water

my lovebird is always droping her foods(pellets most but seed hulls also) into her water and it start out rarely but now its geting ridiculus like within miutes after i change the water (which i do like 7 time a day) she just put more in i think she do it on purpose haha so how do i stop this? any idea?
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My budgies do the same. I don't really think you can stop them lol
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it's totally normal, and it's what they are supposed to do! according to my husband/ our vet (we have an amazon) that's how they get a lot of their water, by soaking their food. they just don't always clean their plates... er, waterbowls. just change the water often or it gets smelly.
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Lol, you'd better get used to lovebirds doing weird things. My sister has two identical little buggers, and they're more trouble then a whole herd of monkeys. They love to rip things up, eat other birds' toes, purposefully hide my sister's things and then try to "look innocent," drop things on each other, and yes, soak their seeds. They're hilarious! This particular pair works together every so often. One holds the cage door open and the other hops through. Then sometimes the one who got out will hold the door for the other, but usually they run off and "laugh" at their outwitted partner. Lovebirds are very curious and they need a lot of entertainment. Plus they have a lot of strange habits. Have fun with her.
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haha that funny about them holding open the door. yeah my lovebird do alot crazy things she chase my brother around the house and all the way up stairs (she can fly far). also she stealing any pen or pencil she see a person write with. and when you talk to her she mov her beak like shes talking but dont make a sound its funny to watch.
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Our African Grey does the same thing and I'll second that about the smelly food if the water doesn't get changed soon enough! I'm always looking for a cat turd around the cage! That food can get rather rank! And it's such a waste! I swear Boomer could live off the food he drops for months on end, if we didn't clean his cage! He especially H.A.T.E.S. the dyed food, made to look know the green, red and yellow niblets?
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