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Help needed

My cousin Eddy has had Zamboni for 9 years. Recently he has begun acting funny. Ed said he never ever bit him in 9 years, and now he has bitten him a few times. They built an apartment in the basement where Zamboni's room is. My Aunt Honey has moved down there and has been contributing to taking care of the bird.

However, no one ever told her how scared they are when you try to put something new into their cage and while hanging a new toy he screamed and bit her. Now she still feeds him, helps with him, but now she said she is more nervous around him then she was.

Eddy seemed really hurt today when Zamboni bit him, emotionally more then physically. The only ones that handle Zamboni are Eddy and maybe his wife Laura, Aunt Honey gives him bits of fruit and feeds and changes water but does not feel comfortable having him out of his cage.

Any ideas why he has started biting? He is a Moluccan Cockatoo.

I just thought I could see if any of you had any suggestions.

Oh and Zamboni's room is a clear glass door, with a wood frame in which his cage sits. It has a view of the living room where he can chatter and yell with everyone in there.
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It could be the new apartment, the fact that someone else lives down there with him, the fact that this new stranger put a scary toy in the cage, or it even could be that he just doesn't like Aunt Honey. I'm not sure what age moluccans go through puberty but that could be a reason he is biting everyone including Eddy. Or because of all of the recent changes he could just be mad at Eddy for them.
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Wow. I wish I had some great ideas/advice .... I've always heard that Cockatoos can be pretty unpredictable ... not quite as easy-going and forgiving as other birdies.
Best I can guess is he's a bit overwhelmed with the changes ...and it sounds as if Aunt Honey reached into his cage while he was in there ?? I've always heard that most birds are very cage territorial, add that possibility to him being afraid of a new, scary toy ... that's probably why Zamboni bit her.

Something we had to learn about Eephus the hard way is that we can only play with him one person at a time. He can't seem to control himself if more than one person is trying to interact with him. It's as if he gets over-stimulated. They're so much like children in how they react to things sometimes...

I'll bet once Zamboni settles in, he'll get back to acting normal - Aunt Honey's doing the right thing offering him little treats and stuff ... she may never completely win him over, but it should at least make him more comfortable with having her there.

Wish I had some better advice .... keep us updated, it'll be interesting to hear what happens.

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I agree. Some parrots are very sensitive to change. Whether it's a new cage location or a new toy or even a new picture hung in the room. Toby FREAKED when I put a particular vase of flowers in the living room. I took it away and he was fine. And I have other vases of flowers in there.

M2's are a big bird and I'm not surprised Aunt Honey is afraid to handle him! But I agree that bribing him with treats is a great way to build trust.

And another thing.... birds can sense your emotions. Literally. If you're feeling nervous and afraid of them, they will pick up on it and use it to their advantage. They react to our emotions. When I cry, Toby will cuddle his head against me. When I'm mad, he doesn't come near me and just looks at me like I'm psycho. When I'm happy & goofy, so is Toby.

Is Zamboni continually biting your brother? Or was it just that once?

Something may have startled him. Or he may be sensitve to the change in his environment. If he is continually biting your brother, I would look at what has changed in his situation.

It would also be a good idea to have him vet checked to rule out illness. And like Dena said, he may be hitting his sexual maturity.
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Everyone else nailed it all I think. The only thing I could ad is... How much attention is he getting. I know you said he could see everyone, but is he getting out of cage interaction time.

From what i've read m2's can become very anti social if they spend a lot of time caged. (of course reading isn't always acurate.. but its all i have)
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Cockatoos can also become "phobic", and that can be a real problem. I hope its just a "maturity" thing and the biting passes.

Here is a link regarding phobic birds.

click here

I know the article talks more about baby birds, but it can happen at any time.


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Cockatoos, seem to need lots of attention, as they are sweet when you give th em enough attention, but then if you don't give them as much as needed, theyw ill get upset, and birds can't really say I'm mad, the way they say it is by biting them. I know one bird that bites so mu ch that it will warn you, because of people sayin ow each time he b ites, he says ow before he bites, it's quite fu nny, he has yet to bite me. I guess it's because, ummmmmm, I'm not afraid of getting bit. I go to bird stores all the time, and hold the birds, and they will say "watch out he will bite" all they do too me, except a quaker, will k iss, the quaker, is the first one that I found that just can't stand me. Soi I don't mess with him, unless it's to give him a bath, then he's all lovey dovey.
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baby birds

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