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Question Help! Taming Lovebirds

Does anyone have any tips on taming lovebirds? She's doing better than she was but I still have problems taking her out of the cage. She also flies off at random and lands on my light fixture.

Any sort of tip or help would be greatly appreciiated!!
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Is she clipped? It might be easier to contain and control her if she was able to flutter to the floor instead of being able to fly high out of arm's reach.

How do you take her out of her cage? Will she "step up" onto your finger? Or, does she try to avoid your hand when you reach in?
Does she let you pet or stroke her through the cage bars? Will she take treats from you through the cage bars or when you have her perched on your finger?

I would start by making a lot of contact with her while she's in her cage to get her used to your hand and arm reaching in. Lots of upbeat friendly talking and telling her how pretty she is, etc. will get her interested in your voice and your presence. It will also encourage her to trust you. Try giving her a favorite food or treat from your fingers. Get her used to eating from your hand.

One way to work with her is to bring her to a totally unfamiliar room. When they are in unfamiliar territory they tend to "rely" on you because *you* are what's familiar. It's a great way to bond and build trust.

When you have her on your finger in an unfamiliar room talk in a calm soothing voice. Stroke her back (or wherever she accepts petting) and praise her. Once she's been quiet on your finger for a few minutes try changing hands. Switch her to your other hand and tell her to "step up" as you offer your finger for her to perch on. You may need to lean your finger onto her breast which will cause her to naturally step up onto your finger. Continue to speak to her calmly and praise her, tell her how pretty she is, what a good bird she is, etc.

Start with short sessions. You want to end on a succesful note. Be consistant and work with her in different rooms of your home.

I would use the hallway or stand on the stairs in my house when I was working with Dante (my Yellow Collared Macaw or Dweezil my Cockatiel) because it was a small area and totally unfamiliar to them. It worked really well. I don't know that it will work the same for you and your Lovebird, but those are some of the things I did when I was working with my birds.

I hope you are able to make some progress with your Lovebird
Let us know how you are doing with her...
I know I'd really be interested in learning what works for you!

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Was she ever tame?

Taming wild lovebirds (or lovebirds that were tame and no longer are) can be very difficult.

Here is some good information:Taming Lovebirds
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Thank you so much! She was never wild. I got her from someone that had worked with her before but the lady just had to many pets. She's gotten much better. She'll hop onto my finger. She acts as if she is playing a game when she flies around. Do you suggest getting another Lovebird to keep her company? Or would that just hinder the whole process?
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