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Talking How weird is this?

My budgie isn't too keen on millet (he'll eat it if he can't be bothered to fly back to his seed pot) and when you put your finger against his breast bone he ignores it.


I know he's young but Budgies don't normally have to learn what to do in the presence of millet or perch-like objects in front of them.
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Not sure what your trying to do, are you trying to get him to step up on your finger? even with babies, you need to train them to do so. Always use the same verbal command, weather it be "step up" or "up", whatever you like. 10 minutes a day should help, remember lots of praise, "good bird" when he steps up. Once you get him to do that, you can "ladder" him to reinforce the command, just have him step from one finger to the other hand, same finger. I still practice with mine and they are almost 2 and almost one.

Oh, and the way I read your post, I'm not sure but, you are putting your finger just above the feet right?

My Hahn's doesn't like millet. Some do, some don't. I wouldn't worry about it, since you said he will eat it if he doesn't want to go back to his food cup.

There is a cockatoo where I work who was never taught "step up", I am trying it with him now, but it is very difficult to get a bird off or out of the cage if they don't know this basic command.

The step up, IMHO, is the most important command a bird learns.


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Originally Posted by Boo

The step up, IMHO, is the most important command a bird learns.
"Step Up" is very important... amazingly, parrots will respond to verbal commands... a co-worker has her birds all trained to "go potty" on command.... that way they don't potty on your shoulder.. you just put them on a paper and say "Go Potty" and they go !!! amazing!!!
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Oh I wasn't worried, just surprised. Every other budgie I've known or owned (four or five) would gorge themselves silly on millet whenever they could and couldn't help themselves stepping onto a finger placed in front of them. You could annoy my last budgie by stepping her from finger to finger. After five minutes she'd start to swear and nibble your fingers to get you to stop doing it

Beekle seems indifferent to millet and has pretty much the same attitude to a finger placed in front of his feet or anywhere in front of him. A gentle push just causes him to sway slightly while adopting a fixed "what is that spot on the ceiling?" expression. He doesn't seem bothered by my finger but rather just goes into a kind of 'pause' mode waiting for it to be taken away
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