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I finally did it!

I bought a bird. No two actually! Well okay, so its just a pair of zebra finches, but its still a bird none the less! I have one male for sure, and i believe a female. It's hard to tell because she is a white zebra. I know on the original color zebras i can tell, because females have no orange cheeks. But the whites i don't know.

I named them Sunny and Cher hehe.

They seemed to get along right off the bat. And here is where the questions come along.

I saw the male do like these little hop circles in front of her, then rub his chest against her, then hop circles and a few times i've seen him jump on top of her. Is he trying to mate?

Can you clip a finches wings? I don't believe you can, but i thought i would ask, just for the sake of it.

Is it possible to get them on a pelleted diet? If so, what do you recommend? I know we sell zupreme at our store.

Do they need grit?

I think thats it :3 They have been a joy so far...i've only had them for about 2 hours though
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I found a website that might help you.
It looks like it has some good basic information.

Finch Info
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Congrats on the new birdies!

I don't know much about finches, but I do know you don't want to clip their wings. They eat mainly seed & millet with of course fresh veggies, fruit, etc. I highly doubt you need to feed them grit.

Here is a good website:FinchWorld
And another: Animal Adeventure Pets
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congrats on your new birds.
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Miss New Booty
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Congrats on your new birdies!!!!! I LOVE their names, so cute! We can't wait to see pictures of them!

~* Jackie *~

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Thanks for the congrats guys! I had done research on finches before i bought them, but the wing clipping i never found much info on...and i know pelleted diet is better for birds, but only found one source saying they can go on a pellet diet.

As far as the wing clipping goes, i talked to one of my fellow employees and she said with finches its very unusual. She said not to wing clip them unless you want to finger train them. I told her i did and she said zebras aren't best with that, to go with a java rice finch for fingertraining. Well, i only have two zebras currently, but the cage is massive so i can introduce more couples of birds as i go. In fact, i will be getting two orange weavers (male and female) next month after i know these guys are okay and i'm doing the right things.

They can be put on a pelleted diet as well. For grit i never saw anything being said about needing it, but we put it in the finches cages at our store, so thats why i was questioning it.

So all my questions are answered! Thank you! These little guys are such a joy, its so fun walking in the room and seeing them contact sitting and tired after i get back from work. I'm like "Your tired! You just ate all day!" hehe.

I'll get pictures soon :3
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i know you said your questions were answered but what the male was doing was trying to mate with her...thats a good chance that yoru white one is a female...birds know better than we humans do! lol
I have bred and raised zebras before...it was an awesome experience. They were on a parakeet assortment diet and did wonderfully on that.

You said you'll be getting more birds in the future, in the same cage? Make sure its wayyy big enough and make sure you have more nests than pairs that way fights do not break out over where to lay their eggs. Also make sure the speices are compatable together, dont want any birds hurt!

Since it seems like your planning on breeding (getting males and females) make sure you give both the male and female calcium in their diet, its probably a good idea to still give the birds grit, its cheep, and you can put it in an extra cup beside them and let them eat at it when they want.

ABout clipping their wings, your friend is right, clipping their wings for finger training is not a good idea...you CAN clip their wings, but for your reasoning isn't a smart idea. Their REALLY little birds, and aren't as intelligent as lets say, parrots are, and they could easily become very over stressed from your attempts to "tame them" and die. I finger trained my zebra finches babies after they were old enough, it worked great,but i still didn't clip their wings...i just didn't see the point. Its very easy to clip birds wings yourself, just so you know how to do it. Some petstores charge an arm and a leg for a simple "hair cut" lol.

Good Luck with the finchies! If you have any more questions email me at [email protected]
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Yay! Congrats on your birds!

I love Zebra Finches ... I bred them for years until my last one died. I like how they talk, too. Doesn't it sound like they are saying, "hey! hey! hey!" ?

Finches are "eye candy." They are more to look at than to interact with. I've heard stories of people taming them but it is pretty rare. Most people don't ever take them out of their cage unless it is being cleaned -- too stressful for them. And, believe me, you don't want one flying around the house -- a real pain to catch!

Well, I hope you enjoy your new babies. Breeding them should be really enjoyable. If you breed them, do you plan on selling them or keeping the babies?

Oh, and if they are trying to mate you should get a nest box for them ... even if you don't want them to. If it is a male and female pair then the female will drop eggs regardless of if there is a box there so you might as well give her someplace to do it. It's better then having to clean up broken eggs every time it happens.

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Don't worry, they both have access to a lovely big cuttlebone and they also have a nest, an two different types of nesting material.

Sad thing is, they haven't started to nest yet, and they sleep on the top of their nest! Silly burds!

Currently in their cage they have a nest, a swing (they adore it) Two nesting material things, a cuttlebone, two perches that go from one side to the other, a "treat" dish for mealworms and veggies, and the basic food and water dish. I want to get them some more perches with different widths other wise it will cripple their poor little feet.

Their cage is large, and i could comfortably fit 2 more pairs in there, if not one more.
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Well i introduced another and the last pair to this pair. Now there are 2 pairs in this cage. Like i said before, big cage.

I've noticed some pecking between all of them, but it is the first day so i will watch. No ousting (sp?) and they don't tend to chase each other. It kinda happens in sittings, not constantly. They will peck, move over and then just sit there.

If this continues i will buy another cage to seperate them in. I've noticed females hopping in and out of nests, but they aren't building nests. Just kinda sitting in there.

I also may be adding a budgie to the family, since my manager at work has to get rid of hers (her step son is moving in to the animal room, so the animals must go. how sad ) so i think i may take one. It's free, and her budgies are very sweet. Not to mention i wanted a bird i could handle, and a budgie i sure can handle!

I know a decent more about budgies than i do about finches, since i finger train them at work. However, i do not know the noise level. It's not a problem for me, its a problem for my dad. If it's too loud he will have me get rid of it. Some of the squeals of my finches he can hear in the other room! I don't know the noise level simply because i walk into a bird room FULL of birds all talking and chattering at once So i'm not to framiliar on how one bird would sound. Could the budgie owners help me out here? If you are upstairs, can you hear your burd upstairs?
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Hey, I replied to your other message on the bird pic board.
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nest box, nesting material

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