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I got me a new pal!

Yay! I finally got a budgie! It is a female named Molly and it is 6 weeks old. Well atleast I think it is a female. She is sooo tame though, she goes on my shoulder, hands, etc. and I give her kisses all the time. I just got her yesterday but she is pretty tame already. The only thing I am worried about is like the construction people outside. We are getting a deck, new siding, and a new roof but it is very loud and everytime she hears like the vacuum go on or the people start banging their hammers she perks up and starts to pluck her feathers out one by one. I don't think this is good is it? Does this mean she is stressed out or what? Also, how do you post pictures and her cage is 18Lx18Wx24H...is this too little? I was a little worried it is too little. She has a cuttlebone, food and water, 2 perches, 4 toys, and a little box to go into. Is this enough stuff? Also she hasn't made any noises and I find this unusual since she is a bird. She hasn't been singing or chirping or anything but plucking feathers once she hears the loud noises. Please tell me whats wrong! Thank you so much!
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I am no expert, but sounds like she may be stressed due to new surroundings. Just give her time and attention. Surely construction will end soon. Maybe you can keep her at the far end of the house away from all the noise for now.
Sounds like she is a sweetie already. It takes a couple of weeks for them to adjust.
Also, sounds like she has plenty of toys.
Hope this helped. I am sure someone with more experience will come along with more expertice advice.
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Red face

Oh yeah, I forgot, CONGRATS on the new pal.
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re: Thanks

Hey, I posted this on another forum and they said she was just preening her feathers so she is alright. But also she blows her cheeks up what does this mean?
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Your bird is probably stressed or may be preening but you have to look at the whole picture. Is your bird eating & drinking normally? pooping normally?

Since your bird is in a new home, he/she will need time to adjust. Be paitent. And watch his/her behavior. He/she will need time to settle into your new home.
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When you say she blows her cheeks up ... do you mean she is fanning out the white feathers around her face? If this is the case, it should be normal ... a sign of contentment, usually.
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Yeah, I guess she just like fans out her cheeks or something but she seems fine. I let her out for the first time today well I let her out a lot yesterday but only on my finger/shoulder. Anyways, she had a blast and was listening to music and she actually started to make some sounds and was chirping. The only bad part was she pooped on me but Oh well ...the poop was brown and white, its a little disgusting but is this what the color is supposed to be? Also, she is kind of a maniac because everytime I go by her cage she starts freaking out and goes straight for the door and when I open it she climbs out on my finger! It is so cute! Oh yeah, I have to keep her locked up upstairs because the cats keep jumping on her cage so the night before I go to bed I'll bring her up in my old room and turn the radio on and I'll start sleeping in there(since there is a guest bunkbed). Is this a good idea? And when I get home I don't bring her down but I may start its just that with the cats and all I don't know if I should...
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