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Post Introducing Birds to each other.

I am considering getting another parakeet for Tliatl. I got Tliatl from the mother of a four year old who was not caring for the bird properly. Tliatl is so scared of everyone I don't dare take him out of the cage because he is so scared he flaps around widly. I want to get the other parakeet because it will provide him with some company and maybe if I tame the other parakeet, Tliatl will come around. I don't want them to lay eggs so I was going to get another female. Would that be ok? The cage is defently large enough. I could house a cockatiel in this cage. How do I go about introducing them to each other? I have another smaller cage just in case the two don't get along but I am hoping that they become friends. Can you help?
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I too have been trying to put my 2 guys together, but the more I thought of it, I dont' want to risk a beak injury. There is a size difference with mine, 205g compared to 143g.

On the positive side, my Pionus was standoffish, would bite and lunge, not all the time, but enough to make my husband not want to handle her at all, and me wary of handling her. Since Lula came along, Jeze has made a complete turnaround. She steps up so eagerly now, will sit in the living room with us now, something that used to send her in a tizzy, she was terrified of the television. I am even able to sneak a quick kiss on the head, something a few months ago I would've NEVER attempted. And, she now stays up at night, before, once the sun went down, she was ready for bed and there was no getting her out of sleep mode. It sometimes felt like I didn't even have a bird. Now, once I put the cover on the cage, she runs up to the front for a scritch, something I never expected from her.

She still has a day here and there where she doesn't want to be bothered, but hey, I now have a companion bird as opposed to a mean, nasty one.

I was also afraid they would bond to each other, and not like me anymore, so I've thrown the idea of them being "friends" out the window. They live in the same room, do not mind each others presence at all, (meaning no displaying, yelling ect. at each other)

so after all this typing, yes, I'd say another bird who enjoys handling and human companionship may bring Tlital out of his shell, like Lu did for Jeze, but if you are determined to have them be cage-mates, I would take it slow, and be prepared with a towel or something just in case of a scuffle. JMHO.

good luck.


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I'm not sure how it is with Lovebirds. They may bond to each other which would make it harder to bond with you. IMO, I would just continue to work with the one you have now. I've read that it's easier to tame one (in say 20 min sessions a few times a day).

I've also heard that female parakeets can become aggressive towards other female parakeets but I'm not positive on this information. I don't know a whole lot about parakeets but I would suggest trying to find some more info before you buy another parakeet.

And as far as what Dani is saying....she's totally right. Birds can teach other birds to do things. It's really neat. But she has a macaw & pi and I'm not sure if the same concept would work with keets. I know some people that are really knowledgable about keets so I'll ask them what you're asking here and see what they say. I'll get back at ya.

Btw, sorry I was no help in this post! LOL
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You were alot of help! I had not heard of parakeets becoming agressive! But if I did get a male, would they lay eggs if I didn't put a nest box in the cage?
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Zion, I'm going to copy and paste the replies I received from a different birdie board to your questions....

From Jackie: Ok, well let me try this one first...
But if I did get a male, would they lay eggs if I didn't put a nest box in the cage?
My girl, Snowy, was housed alone when I got her until about a year and a half later when I got Casper. She started laying eggs when she was about 10 months old (I think?) and she just kept up in this cycle, lay an egg every other day, sit on them, only come up to eat and drink. She would sit on them a couple weeks, then back on the perch for a week, then they cycle started again. I took her to the vet and was very concerned. He classified her as a chronic egg layer. So, yes, they can lay eggs without a nest box. So, her birdie might possibly lay an egg while by herself, atleast in my experieces! When I got Casper, I thought he was a boy, but I am still not totally sure. When I took Snowy to the vet in Dec., I had Casper as well, and the vet said there was a little blue in Casper's cere, as was Snowy's so it was kind of hard to tell for sure, I just know Snowy is laying the eggs. I decided to get Snowy a friend, b/c she wouldn't stop laying eggs and I felt so bad. She was alot better with the whole egg-laying cycle after I got Casper.
Hmmmm..I don't think it matters with 2 females, if mine are 2 females, they seem to get along well. They can be a little nippy at times, though. Anyone else know?
Her poor birdie!!! I would say though, that if she got her bird a friend, it might not bond as well with her. Since I waited so long to get Casper, I think Snowy was fine with us and having a friend, that wasn't an issue, but since she just got her bird, and the birdie has been through so much, I might want to wait and try to bond with the bird first. What does anyone else think?
If she gets another bird, it sounds like a plenty big cage for the 2 little guys. I would introduce them slow. But in my experience, I let Snowy and Casper meet right away, and they hit it off and were fine, I guess every bird is different. Since her bird now has been though so much and is so skiddish, I would intro. them slow and play it by ear and see how it goes, then she can get an idea when to put them together.
I hope that was some help, Jodi?

And the next from Heather:
A word of warning! I was told that two female budgies can fight - sometimes to the death! - so be careful how you go. The only experience I have of two females together were sisters and they got on fine, but then, they came from the same nest. I have my female white with a male and they are fine - no eggs so far and I don't mind either way. My other young female is on her own but is being trained by my daughter and I have clipped her wings (just the first four primaries each side) and that has made a huge difference to her attitude. For some reason she seems to be LESS scared now she can't get away so easily. Worth a thought for a caring owner. Maybe she just needs to know that you're on her side?

I hope these replies help Zion.
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If you want to introduce new birds together you will need your second cage. There is no guarantee that they will like each other. If you do not wish to have babies then I would make sure that you get another parakeet of the same sex. If a male and female like each other enough then they will indeed lay fertile eggs and many times it does not matter if there is a nest box or not. Two females may still lay eggs for each other but obviously they will not be fertile.

A general rule of putting two birds together (provided that they like each other) is that they will bond to each other and not to you. However in cases like yours, it seems especially with parakeets, many times if one is trusting of people the other one will follow suit. If anything at all a "mate" will help your bird feel more comfortable and secure even if she does not come around to completely bond with you.

To introduce two birds you want to at first keep them in separate cages and place them side by side about an inch apart. That way they are as close as they can get to each other without hurting each other. At night (if you cover the cages) I would try covering both cages under the same cover so they can see each other at night. I would keep it that way for at least a couple of days, many say to do this for a while longer but you know your birds and should be able to tell how they are doing. The next step, if everything seems to be going well, would be to move the cages right up against each other. This way they can touch but have some place to move away in case things don't go that well. See if they are doing things like feeding each other or preening each other. That is usually a good sign. You can try to introduce them in a neutral place, like a bathroom to see how they interact. If things go well you may be able to place them in the same cage. Before you put them in the same cage I would rearrange toys and perches to cut down or eliminate any chances of territorialism.

I hope this helps some. Just take it day by day and see how they react to one another. Birds are just like people in the sense that will react to each other as individuals not just as another bird. Just like we don't like some people they may not like another particular bird. Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.
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What's the other birdie board?

What's the other birdie board you mentioned? I used to ask all my questions at before it closed about a year-and-a-half ago. I've found plenty of cat boards (since I have cats, too), but a hard time finding birdie boards. Thanks! -Angie, owner of a white budgie named Snowy too! (mine's a boy -- I think)
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Hi Angie! Welcome to PawTalk!
LandofToos is the other birdie board I was referring to. Don't be scared away by the name... We have a section for all different types of birds!

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lay eggs, males together, nest box, separate cages

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