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How long does it take your guys' budgies to molt? Loki started scratching alot, and little white feathers started flying everywhere before christmas but he's still all patchy and scratching and little white feathers are still flying everywhere. Is this normal? In all this time I also only found one longer feather... and now he has one single primary growing in.

Is it normal to take this long? Does the first molt sometimes take longer? Does he need to go see a vet? He's eating and playing fine, I'm just a little worried that he might not be molting correctly.

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Lol, good question.

Beekle seems to have several goes at it. He moults for a week or so then stops. Then a couple of weeks later he starts again. After a couple of months of this he'll stop completely.
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Both of mine are molting right now and feathers are everywhere! I don't mind though. It usually takes a few weeks for the molt to be completely over. It also depends if it's a full molt or a partial molt. Keep your vacuum handy.
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My Trinny is always losing Feathers or Molting, together with Seed Shucks and My long hair and house hold dust, I could make a model out of it

Trinny leaves White feathers everywhere, Budgies Molt constantly but only seriously molt at certain times, Molting time whenever that is.

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Thanks for the info. I guess loki's perfectly fine and will just have to put up with looking kinda silly with only one flight feather sticking out
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LOL sound l ike me, every time, something seems even a little off, I call the vet or take her to the vet......I'm probably one of th e vets favorite people, fo rthe money at least. lol. But your birdie is goign to be fine. Eli is molting tooo.....not fun for either bird or human.
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