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Cool New budgie - silly habits

I got Beekle a couple of weeks ago. He's understandably a little nervous with me but is fairly tolerant. I can usually reach into his cage to replace perches without much hassle. Don't know his age but I'd guess less than six months.

Anyway I'm hoping to get him finger tame over time and eventually I'd like to give him free reign of the house while I'm at work.

I've let him out a few times now and although the first few times he bounced off windows he's now learnt what they are. Unfortunately he eventually migrates up the stairs (there's no door) and settles down on a ceiling lampshade.

He seems to show no interest in returning to his cage so eventually I have to get a tea towel out. On the plus side although he takes a bit of catching he seems to accept being caught and when taken back to his cage hops onto a perch without complaint.

I'm thinking I should perhaps leave him a bit longer so that he gets more familiar with his cage.

Which brings me onto silly habit number two:Running around. Recently he's taken to sidling back and forth along his perches for minutes at a time. Eventually he starts dropping down to the bottom of the cage and sidling along there while looking over the top of the opaque cage bottom.

Is this all just general budgie silliness or is he trying to tell me something?

Gotta say that the pattering of tiny claws on sandpaper is immensly funny especially when all you can see is the head of a budgie staring at you
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Hello & welcome to PT! Congrats on your new budgie.

Have you had birds before?

And I just have to let your bird have free reign of your house while you're out is asking for trouble. Birds can get into all kinds of things that we wouldn't even think of. I've heard a lot of horror stories. Birds by nature are curious animals...the lamp cord may look like a very chewable toy...but could lead to death. As could all kinds of other household dangers. I encourage you to not let your bird just have free reign while you're not home. An aviary is one thing.... flying free in your house is completely different.
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Congrats on the new budgie!!!
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Well, Beekle sounds like a great parakeet. I wouldn't be too worried about his behavior ... it sounds normal to me. While most birds will learn to identify their cages as home base he may enjoy exploring and want to stay out for hours at a time.

However, I do agree with JGawana ... there are more dangers then you can imagine ... so unless you have a bird-proofed room -- and by that I mean a room entirely closed off with no furniture or anything accept bird accessories -- I wouldn't begin to recommend it. Birds need very close supervision -- especially small birds -- at all times when they are loose. Even closed off rooms require you to plug outlets and such ... don't risk it unless you are willing to do all this.

Well, good luck with your bird!
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Originally Posted by JGawana
Have you had birds before?
As a young lad, yes. I was the one responsible for cleaning her and eventually became her preferred perch. At first she only flew to my outstretched arm so I could control her but eventually she learnt how to fly onto my shoulder. From that point on I just had to accept being flown at by a mad budgie

Originally Posted by JGawana
And I just have to let your bird have free reign of your house while you're out is asking for trouble.
Well I'll see how he goes. Chirpie (my old budgie) never had any problems but I agree that I need to be careful. Chirpie definitely got a bit upset when he was kept in his cage all day. So far Beekle seems quite happy to be in his cage in which case I don't mind leaving him there.
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