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A New Cockatiel?

I have had my two cockatiels, Bronwen and Griselda since they just reached adulthood seven years ago. They were sisters and always lived together.

Unfortunately we have recently lost Griselda, and I am not sure whether I should find a new companion for Bronwen.

Bronwen is hand tame, and very much attached to me, spending her evenings out of the cage sitting on me and joining in whatever I am doing. Griselda was also hand tame, but liked to keep herself to herself.

It appears that Bronwen is happy enough on her own (I think I miss Griselda more than she does), but I am concerned about her being lonely during the day, especially if I am not around.

Can anyone advise me as to what would be best, please?
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if you want another cockatiel and have time and money then get one probably bronwen wuld like the company. but dont expect them to get along very well and be able to live in the same cage. they may get along just fine but also its most likely they will play together while they is out and communikate from sperate cages and also its possible they may get along well enuf to live together but its not most likely. so they may not get along and you may not be able to give bronwen asmuch company because you also must play with other cockatiel. but if you have that time and want another cockatiel go ahead bronwen will like another bird in he house. but if the only raeson you wuld get one is for bronwen then dont.
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Thank you, Swedishfish. I think I'll leave things as they are. I haven't really got the space for another cage, and I'd hate to bond with a new cockatiel if Bronwen didn't.
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