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The sandy perches/gravel perches are great. They're supposed to help keep your birds nails trimmed. It works much better (as far as keep nails in shape) on smaller birds but I've noticed a little bit of difference on Toby's nails.

It's good to have different sizes of perches in the cage so they're not always on the same size...that gets tiring on their feet.

What books did you get?

Here is a website that has some great people with lots of Cockatoo experience: Land of Toos
A good macaw website: Macaw Dreams
Sometimes just reading & talking with others gives you a better idea of what kind of birdie would fit you best.
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Hi Raiquee!
Well Jodi girl answered all of your questions great! I have an umbrella cockatoo. I also have 2 cockatiels and 2 parakeets.
We got Angel from a specialty birdie store as a baby. We also handfed Angel. It was such a neat experience to handfeed. I don't think it's a *must* to bond with the bird, either, and we didn't plan to handfeed, we were just looking at umbrellas at the time, but we came upon our Angel and we knew he was ours!!!! We wouldn't have done it any other way now. He is 1 years old already! Oh, and since you asked about DNA testing, I call Angel a he, but we don't know yet, we haven't had him tested yet, but like Jodi said, most places I have seen are about $30-35. But there were a few I asked that were over a $100!
The rosebrested too's are so pretty! I don't think I have seen one in person before!!!
If you want a cuddly bird...umbrella's are very lovable too! hehe! But, can also be very demanding as well. They are such silly guys, too. Love to play and Angel would love to have his head scratched alllll day long! When we went to the vet, everybody just had to come in and see him and give him birdie kisses, he was on cloud 9, thinking he was the man! He got shy at first then he came out of his cage and wouldn't go back in! He is very lovable.
I love the big cages as well. We have a big California cage for Angel. My tiels and keets have pretty big cages as well.
As for food, too's (umbrellas anyway) can be picky! LOL! He was started on pellets while being weaned. Zupreem is a good brand. He was started on Pretty Bird brand when we brought him home, then he started getting tired of his food and throwing it everywhere, lol. At one point he decided he didn't want to eat anything we put in there, except dried bannana chips!! We luckily got Zupreem and he loved it and forgot about his bannana chip addiction, so to speak! So, we tried Zupreem and we rotate. Kaytee pellets, LaFebers and Harrisons are great pellets also. He gets fruits and veggies, although my guy seems to have a sweet tooth, likes fruit more, lol. He likes meat and usually gets a sample of our meat dish we have at dinner. He gets a dried fruit mix with nuts, and likes pastas. He hates raisins, LOL. Too's can be picky burds! Oh well, more raisins for my chinnie, Bailey! lol! I asked my vet what exactly Angel could eat. He said basically anything we eat, except chocolate of course, caffiene, alcohol, and avocados. Avocados are very toxic to birds.
Like you mentioned, too's CAN be screamers, yup it's true. Angel isn't so bad, but definately has his moments! I have a problem right now, that when my dogs are playing and running around near him, he screams and just HATES it! And he hates the vacuum cleaner, too! When he wants attention, he will yell sometimes. But all day today, it has been a quiet day here at the house and he hasn't made a peep. It all depends.
Do you want to hear something weird about those color perches? I thought they were great, I got a blue one for Angel. He loved it so much.After a few weeks, I noticed his feathers turning blue!?!?! I got worried and told the girl at the store we got him from and she said to take it out and get him a natural wood perch, which he loves. It's a huge perch. I don't know what brand it was, though, and it probably would've been ok, but I was freaked when I saw him turning blue from it! My cockatiels and parakeets have pink ones and their feathers seem to be fine, I think the one I got them was Polly's Pastels.
About books, I have one book about each animal I have! LOL! It's a great thing, one whole book shelf is animals and one book on first aid, etc. I would go look at Barnes and Noble for example, or Books a Million, they both have a whole little animal section, tons of books!!!
Great website suggestion Jodi! I was thinking the same thing!
Hope I could help some!!!

~* Jackie *~

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Jackie~ The only reason i would see the coloring come off is if he got it wet somehow. But ya never know!

I took out an African Grey book, a Love bird book, and a sun conure book. They didn't have any macaw books or cockatoo books, even tho i swear i saw some earlier! They did have an amazon parrot book, but i'm trying to stay clear of the amazons. I don't know why, but i'm not too fond of them!

I just asked my dad tonight if i could have a lovebird and he told me no. My dad is such a pain sometimes. I keep my room and cages spotless, and he knows it. But yet i can't have more animals. I would understand if i didn't keep them clean, but i am! Darn dad. He never liked animals anyways.
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You sound like you're hooked on the big guys! I don't blame you, they are great, I would love to be owned by one someday, but for now, I'll settle for my little guys.

Like Jodi said, my guy is a cuddler! You may want to consider the Hahn's, my Lula is quite the ladies man! (momma's boy)

Click here for a pic of us snuggling!



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Well all i went to animal adventures today They always have TONS of birds, including 3 huge B&G. Well i was wondering around, and i saw something that looked like a conure, but he was just black and gold. His head seem "dusted" with gold, with back under feathers, his body black and had highlights of gold! He seemed pretty quiet, but as he deficated in front of me, i saw he was sick His stool was like water. Pure water. I told a lady there he was sick, and she said "yeah hes been sick for awhile" *rolls eyes* In his food dish he had some junk jumbled together that looked like cold pasta, zupreem and other things In another her had small parakeet zupreem and in his water dish...well he didn't have a water dish! He had another bowl of small parakeet zupreem and it looks like they added water to it. I know birds like to dunk things in there water dish, but this was half full with a little water over top of it! I don't think the bird did that. And if it did, then obviously he isn't getting the attention he needs!

I was wondering past the bigger guys cages, and this smaller sized cockatoo said "Hi baby" to me. I stopped, and looked at him/her and said hi back and he repeated. It was love! He let me scratch under his wing, and if i stopped he'd turn around and switch sides so that i could scartch under his other wing! I would walk to one side of the cage, and he'd come climbing over to me chirping and saying hi hi hi over and over again. Then he would go "Hi baby" he was so much fun! i petted him for about 30 minutes, and realized he felt kinda boney. I took a looking into his food dish and they had the poor thing on seed diet. I wanted so bad to hold him, but no one would help me. So i said goodbye, and tried to explain to him he had to be left in the cage. He was white, with a orangish umbrella. and orangey cheeks. Far tinier than the cockatoos i'm used too! Very soft as well...

I had something to ask, but i keep forgetting! I'll post when i remember Just wanted to share my story.
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