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I got another parakeet on Friday. It's a yellow bird with red eyes, a lutino. The pet store people over clipped his wings, so they look like stubs. I named him Ponyboy. My other parakeet, Sodapop, kept talking to him in their language. I put Soda with him in the cage on Saturday. I know people say not to but the birds together immediately, but they are getting along great. The only problem is that when they are tired, they try to nip at each other. Is this normal?
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Whoa! You should always have a quarantine period before you put two birds in the same room much less the same cage!! At least 4 weeks!

It's not a matter of people saying not to - it's for your birds health. And it's not just a recommendation. I really wish you would've researched this before you just put these 2 birds together.

And also, you can be causing A LOT of psychological stress by just putting these 2 birds together. On both birds.

Quarantine is very important!

Please read these links:
Introducing New Birds
Even though that's a finch site, the same questions/concerns apply.
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Thanks for that, but I didn't post it the right way. I got my new bird checked up by a vet first. I know that you can't put two new animals together in the same cage immediately. He was okay, the vet said, and he looked so sad in his cage ny himself, and Soda kept talking to him and clinging to the cage bars nearest Pony's cage. What I did was open Soda's cage right near Ponyboy's and let him decide by himself what to do. To go or not to go, that is the question. I'm sorry I didn't post it clearly, but thank you so much for caring.
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