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Smile Parrot Found

Hi all, I have found a parrot, I think he is an amazon green cheekd with red spot on his head and some torquese blue above his eyes and at the tips of his wings. He was being attacked in my garden and whenI opend the door to help he just flew in and sat on my sons shoulder. It was -3C outside so I let him stay, he is very tame and very friendly, although he does know what he wants. I got him a cage and he walked straight into it. I have been to the local vet with him and have posted his picture in the local newspaper, but have not had a reply. So for now, I am the Parrots Mummy. I have never had a bird (lots of other animals though) and could really do with some advice. Does he need showers? What will be his food requirements? (he likes apples and sunflower seeds ah and Oranges) he is very strongwilled and does not want to get back in his cage after a flight around the lounge. How do I get him to trust me? I realise he must be very confused by his adventure and there is no knowing how long he was lost and how he used to live, so I am as careful and gentle as I can be, but I dont know that much although I have read up much on the web.
I would be greatful for any help please. I am in the UK so please be patient with replies our sleeping patterns are a little out of sync with yours

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Sounds like you saved the life of a special bird. If it was that cold outside, he couldn't have been out more than a day or so, or flown very far. I wouldn't think more than 5 miles (10 with a good tailwind). However, in London that includes an enormous number of households.

He could have escaped his owner, which is the most likely scenario, or he could have been stolen and perhaps released by the thief. Whatever the reason, you could check with local vets, the SPCA, animal shelters (the owners will be checking there), or look for posters in pet stores. You might also get him to a vet with a chip reader to see if he is micro-chipped.

I recommend at least 50% of the bird's diet be a pelleted diet for all large parrots. Its the most balanced diet and one of the simplest. Get some small bags of a few to see what is most palatable for your newfound friend. You can supplement it with occasional fruits and veggies. Mine eat about anything I will eat. I also treat them with occasional whole grain breads, oatmeal, rice, pasta, well cooked chicken bones, cheese, yogurt, etc. If it's part of a healthy diet for you, it is probably alright for them. No chocolate or high sugar treats (candy, rich desserts, etc).

I give my birds fresh pellets in the morning and let them have access to them all day. At night when I get home from work, I use the other foods as 'social' foods. They are treats/rewards for socializing with me and my wife. If someone gets nippy or out of line, they go back in their cage and get no more treats. They figure this out pretty quickly.

I would recommend you trim the wings on this bird. That's how the first owner lost him. The bird might not survive a second experience with the great outdoors. It will also give you more control over him and make him a little more dependent on you as you two form your new relationship.

Find a great (one you really like) avian vet. They are expensive but WELL worth it in the long run. Birds hide any symptoms of illness right up until the last minute. By the time a bird looks sick, it is VERY sick. You always need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to a bird's health. Their metabolism is so fast that when things go wrong, ...they go wrong in a hurry.

Get some books, pick up some bird magazines and read as much as possible. One of my favorite websites, filled with friendly people who will help you is Jodi, the lady who runs it used to be the bird mod here. Super lady.

Just like any type of pet, there are numerous ways to keep them. You will no doubt find people who are not 'pellet' people. There is also school of thought that hates clipping wings. I'm giving you my advice from my point of view based on my experiences. Your mileage may vary....

Feel free to PM me here or on Parrottimes if you have any questions.


(and BTW, welcome to Paw Talk!)

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Will It Ever Change?
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hi and welcome! def listen to mygala, he knows what he's talkin' about

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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Does the bird have a band on it's leg? Those are used for identification purposes on most birds from breeders. You might check into that, if he doesn't have a leg band, they should scan him to see if he has a microchip.

You may have already done that, just thought I'd suggest it. It's obvious he is someone's cherished pet, and reuniting him with his owner could be a very fulfilling experience for you and your kids!

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Thank you everyone for your helpful answers. I did of course inform all vets in the area as well as the RSPC of the found Parrot, I even put an ad in the local newspaper. I agree that he must be someones cherished pet and am thus all the more surprised that he has not been claimed. The vet could not find a microchip nor was the animal ringed, so that avenue is closed too. However I have to say that we are getting very attached to Sleven and he is giving us lots of wonderful times. I really look forward to coming home in the afternoon to talk to him and enjoy his company very much as do the children (they are already 19 and 20, so no longer children really). Sleven has settled in really well and we are making every effort to make it as easy for him as we can. He likes to eat from my plate and will ignore his own food just to get some of mine. I think he has us trained very well by now :-) and I must start to take charge of him otherwise he will be the boss in no time. He is very cheeky and it is impossible to be cross with him. He wants kisses all the time and demands attention by calling extremly loudly.

Anyway, I do not regret having him for even one split second and have already forgotten what it was like before we had him.

Nevertheless, any further advice on all parrot matters is still most welcome.

Thank you for your help

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Will It Ever Change?
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yay he's yours now! sounds like he really wants to be with you anyways congrats

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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Rescue birds are cool .....
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