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Phone ringing?

Does your bird *answer* the phone when it rings?

When our phone rings Toby will hollar "hello?" until I answer it. Even if he hears a phone ringing on TV or in a movie, he will Hello it until it stops ringing.

We took Toby out with us the other day. We were at a store and some lady's cell phone rang (it sounded like our home phone) and at the top of his lungs Toby yelled across the store "Hello? *pause* Hiiiiiiiiiii" Everyone in our aisle started laughing which made Toby laugh. And of course he wants to laugh louder than anyone.

A little girl came up to Toby and was very shy but really wanted to see him. Toby must've thought she was cute because he blushed and whispered "I love you". The little girl was thrilled and started giggling. Man, that bird loves little kids!
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LOL cute

My grey does the phone ring, the hello and then he proceeds to do either me, my husband or my daughter in a one sided conversations. He says "hello, yup, yup, o.k. yup, o.k. bye." Beep!
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Oh Boy.... phones are a number 1 issue around here....

Nikki answers the phone all of the time with a "Hello" or a "How are you"

The interesting part started when Nikko arrived. He came to us already equipped with various phone rings. He was mostly raised in an office at a production plant and from that learned several different office and cell phone rings and beeps. Nikko now lives mostly in our home office where there are fax machines, two different land line rings, an office directory answering machine, and two additional cell phones in addition to beeps and rings on the computer.

The result?

Whenever triggered by a phone ringing, Nikko begins to ring and Nikki begins to answer. So the phone "never stops ringing or being answered"

Phone: Ring turns into:

Nikko: Ring Ring
Nikki: Hello
Nikko: Ring Ring
Nikki: How are you?
Nikko Ring Ring
Nikki: Heellllooooo

and it'll go on like that for several minutes lol

So I've got one that rings and one that answers lol

............ and I as I type this........

Nikko has "awaken" and has begun his day with "Polo. Hello Polo. G'morning Polo. Polo. Pooolllooooo. Polo. Polo......"

Thank gawd I'm taking the dogs to the parade today... we all need a break LOL
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Lol if I leave Eli alone long enough, he will ring like a telephone and say hello, pretty bird, I love y ou, h/ey I know I promised pictures of him, but I will get them to you all soon. sorry bout all the mistakes, Eli won't let me back space over his typings !!!!!!
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Deb!!! I feel for you girl!!!!!!
Jodi that story is soooo cute!!! My aunty's old bird (cockatiel) used to mimick the phone ringing ALL day long....he'd never answer drove me insane and them!

Too lazy to even think of a siggy
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Peaches doesn't do any of that but my mom's African Grey, Lucas, used to make daily phone calls complete with the beeping of a cordless.
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a couple of my larger macaws will do saysing ...and noises like the phone just for fun! and some times when the phone is also ringing there fav is when you going into the back at night there bedroom is off to the side they like to say Comemere "come here" scares the baby sitter alot of times she thinks some ones talking to her and is in the house !
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Awwww Jodi, that is so cute.
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That is soo cute!
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None of my birds answer the phone, but we have a YNA at the aviary who does. He'll say "Hello" when the phone rings, then reply to everything that the person on the phone is saying.

He also says "come in" when someone knocks on the door. Once, the greenwing macaw got on his [YNA] cage, and the YNA was telling him that he'd better not go up there and that he needed to stop.

He has a HUGE vocabulary. Nobody is sure exactly how many words he knows, but he speaks in context all the time.
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I was in a pet store the other day and they have lots of birds. They had a pair of some kind in a cage and the whole time I was in there all they did was "Hello" "Hello" back and forth. It got really anoying, but it was funny too. They did this for like the whole 15 mins I was in there.
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Cute stories everyone!

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Originally Posted by Scarlette
Cute stories everyone!

Ditto! Floyd or cockatiel only says pretty bird and some what of a goodnight He does a mean sounding power drill and a dog barking though
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My cousin Stuarts African Grey Poppy, Rings like a phnone a couple of time and awnswers himself, if a phone goes off in the house he will say hello, other sound affects are.

Wipeouts from Bob Monkhouses game show.

Running water, Coughing and burping, he only burps when Stuart enters the kitchen, we only have to go near the Child gate and before we have reached it he squeeks just like the gate will do, if we are outside crashing and banging in the garden he starts hammering, Tap tap,tap tap, he squeels like a Guinea Pig, yelps like a terrified dachsund, tweets like a canary which only stayed at his house three days and it was in another room, he copies the Clifford alarm on my cousins Old astra GTE, if the dog barks he sais Oi or even Shut Up.

Other lines are, when he knows people are leaving the house.

" allright see you later "
" Be good "
" Cup of Tea "," Cup of Coffee ", and now Cup Koftee Lol

Poppy does all of this in Junes voice so we know who to blame, also in her voice he often shout

" STUART " or " BEV "

Swareing is rare but he usualy does it to Beverley Lol
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african grey, guinea pig, pet store

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