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poop on tail.

hey, I am house sitting for people who have birds. and my cockatiel,eli is with me, I brought him over with his carrying cage, and I had him in it today for a little while, and he had pooped in his cage, and dragged his tail in it. I washed it off as best as I could, and he'll take a shower with me tomorrow, but should I be worried, that it is on him? I know he ain't sick or anything but it's right at the tip of his tail......The reas on why I don't have him just totally out of his cage here, wh ich I usuallydo, is because, they have a dove who has taken to driving him.........male against male thing. And I don't want him hurt. Id on't think he could hurt the dove, he's too scared of him. The dove is sweet to humans, but when it comes to him, no he's not. It seems that it has gotten worse. Last few times I could have them both on my sh oulder at the same time, but if I want to pay attentiont o Whitey, the dove, I have to put Eli in his cage. Any ideas on the poop?
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As long as you're giving him a shower soon, it's ok. You can take a wet paper towel and get it off before you shower him if you want.
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Nah Cami (my tiel) drags her tail through her poop all the time. I think it can't be avoided with tiels, for their long tails. If one of my birds walked through poop, I'll wash their feet under running water (which they hate!) but poop on the tail won't hurt him. Most likely he'll preen most of it off himself.

When we first got Cami, I had her out when I was painting. Big mistake #1, with her. (the first in a long line of big mistakes) She freaked out over something and jumped over some dirty paint water, dragging her tail featheres through it. I freaked out and washed her as best I could, but those feathers were stained reddish-orange until she molted. (lol) She's not allowed out when I'm painting anymore.

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