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Pulling tail feathers

I have three cockatiels in a cage together (a huge cage) they have been together since I bought them (I think they were together before I bought them too) anyway the two have started pulling all the tail feathers out of the smaller one. What would make them do this? I want to seperate them but I am afraid that the one that will be by hisself would become lonely.
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He could be molting and very well could lose his tail feathers and his friends are just helping him along and they think his butt is just a toy. It could be a heirarchy bickering among the flock which you may want to keep an eye on or it could be that he is sick. Birds can become visciously agressive towards a sick bird in their flock and may try to kill it. If you are really worried put him in a separate cage but keep it right next to the other one that way he will be safe and not so lonely. A vet trip might be needed to see if the bird is carrying anything - 9 out of 10 times it is something that can spread easily and rapidly to all of the birds.
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I agree with Dena - separate him from the others if they are picking on him. You might want to assess his general condition (eyes, other feathers, eating?) and give him some warmth too - sitting on a heating pad turned on Low with a towel between it and the cage and put a towel over the cage. I never had a 'tiel whose tail molted all at once like that so I don't know what else to tell you. Just don't hesitate to get him to the vet if you are worried. Birds are great at hiding their symptoms 'cause they have to be strong in the wild to survive.

Are the feathers just lying in the bottom of the cage or is someone trying to make a nest? Do you know the sex of all of your birds? You may just need a next box.

Good luck with him.

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We have them seperated now. Thank you both very much. I don't think he is sick but will call the vet in the morning. He is smaller than the other two (I think he is like 6 months younger) my hubby seen the other two pulling at his feathers.
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My Senegal's butt feathers came out all at once. He looked so silly. It was the first time he ever molted them too and then one day they were all there again at the same time. Very odd!
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heating pad

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