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I've heard about this disease before but never really looked into it. I came across this info and thought I would share it with ya'll.

How are birds infected?
Opossums are generally the *host* of the parasite. Birds become infected by the opossums feces. Cockroaches can transport the disease from the opossum to birds by ingesting the feces (with the sarcocysts in the feces) and then coming in contact with the birds food or area.

What birds are affected?
Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Greys, Ekkies, Parakeets, Jardines, Capes, Ringnecks, Alexanderines, Lorys, King Parrots and other African, Asian and Australian species.

Quick Facts:
* One parrot cannot infect another parrot.

* It mainly affects birds that are housed in outdoor aviaries or when their food isn't stored correctly.

There are some really good articles on it... here are a few:
Exotic Pet Vet article
Vet - UGA
Funny Farm Exotics

If anyone has any further info, please feel free to share!
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