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Some questions on keets/budgies

Hi! I am so excited to finally be able to post on the forum! Well anyways I really want to get a budgie! I have done my research and I know almost all I need to know trust me! I am not one of those people who buy an animal and just dump it when they get bored. I research for all of my pets. Anways, I just have some questions that I haven't gotten down set and straight with yet: I have 3 cats and I know they can harm birds very badly but I want the parakeet to be in the living room where we are constantly. The only problem with that is we have 3 cats like I said. But I keep my guinea pigs on the ground in the dining room in their cage and the cats stare at them here and there but they have gotten used to them. I don't want to put my bird in another room that I will never be in and I don't want to lock the cats up because that isn't fair. Do you think they will learn to live happily together and just be safe? Of course I will lock the cats up when the bird is out. I heard that the saliva is toxic to them is that true? What can I do to make them live together without harm? As long as the bird is on the stand kind of high will they be O.K.? Well any tips on any more things I need to go would be highly appreciated! Also, I am only going to get one because I want to tame him and teach him to talk. And oh as you can read I want to get a male white-headed sky blue if thats even a color...! Well TIA(thanks in advance)!!!!!
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cats and other animals dont really mix ,if you want it in the living room with you this is what i would do while im home i would leave the cage in the living room if i leave or go to bed i would move the cage to the bed room and shut the door for safety reasons cats loves to eat birdies, you can leave it by a window for sun light when youre not home as long as it has some shade , but honestly this is what i would do , i wouldnt trust a cat not even my dog when i leave the bedrooms doors are closedand living room door is closed so he cant get to the birds none of them i have 25 and he has run of our bedroom hall way kitchen and he can go out sidewhen he wants too , when i go to bed i shut down all the birds rooms and he sleeps with me the dogthat is just a idea ,
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My cats have been taught to leave my birds and other animals alone -- but it takes time and patience. They have to be taught that they are not allowed on the bird cage and have been co-existing for over a year now with no problems.

I would never trust a cat when a bird is out of its cage though. Instincts would definitely take over.
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I feel if given time, all animals can get along together. Just always supervise when bird is out of cage.
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My birds are in the living room with my cats. They are on stands high enough off the ground and my cats don't ever bother them. However, when the birds are outside of their cages my cats get locked in the bedroom. I don't want to take a chance of those hunting instincts to kick in. You also have to see how your cats react. If you notice that they are paying too much attention to the birdie in the cage then I would put him in a different room while you are gone. Bring them out when you are home and try to teach the cats to stay away from the cages. I know that trying to teach a cat something is much easier said than done. Good luck.
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Thanks for all the replies you guys! It has really helped me out. The only thing is it will be a pain in the butt to carry the cage all the way upstairs especially with little poopies flying everywhere, etc. I think I will see how my cats react to the bird when I bring him home and if they are pretty good with him then I think I will just keep the bird where he is and my cats don't have claws so that part can't hurt them. I'm not so much worried about Sheena are older cat because she is out with the guinea pigs and is actually afraid of them so she is ok but I am a little bit worried about April and Emma but more April, the youngest one. And don't worry I have a spray bottle for the cats incase they get too interested...hehe, Oh yeah and any more replies or websites would be great!
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Why don't you just get a smaller cage to keep in your room so you do not have to carry the cage up and down.? It can be small being that it will be just for sleeping anywayz. BUT you do not want overly small!
The spray bottle thing will help with the cats. lol But if you do decide to take your chances and leave your birdie downstairs with the cats , make sure ALL the doors ect are locked on the cage and the cage is sturdy so your kitties cannot knock it over!.
I have to say though that I have heard of more dogs than cats hurting pet birds. Funny thing huh. Cats do tend to want to eat finches , canaries and keets more than any other types of birds.
Hope I have helped!?!
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My cat is terrified of my bird, first meal that fought back lol. My cat is used to sitting on my lap no matter what I am holding. she was bitten in the ear for just sitting on me by El i
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