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Travelling with a Budgie..

I'm going to be taking my budgie up to my parents while I'm on holiday and that means a three to four hour car journey. I've taken him on a short run and he seems happy enough uncovered - at least he didn't go into panic mode. The only thing was that occasionally he started giving out his "where are you?" squeak which is quite annoying inside a vehicle cabin.

Would it be better to cover him up? I've read that being in the dark usually calms birds down but is he really going to be happier with all the rocking and noise if he can't see what's going on?

One site suggested keeping him in a small shoe box with air holes but I think he'd be happier in his cage since at least it's familiar to him even if it is rocking about more than normal. Besides - four hours in a shoebox?
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No, I wouldn't put him in a shoebox!!

Just put him in his cage or a travel cage without covering it and see how he does. Birds all have different personalities, some like it and some don't. If he starts to get too nervous then you can cover him. But give him a chance without covering him first. If he's not afraid of new toys, you may want to give him a new toy to keep him occupied for the trip.
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My parakeet used to love car rides ... he would chat all the way to where ever we were going.

Jodi is right, BTW ...
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no use a sheet and cover half the cage , i just took 2 parakeets to illinois from california and that was driving and that was a three day drive 12 hours a day and they did fine h0ow ever i did put a pillow under thier cage to cushion the ride a little bite , ive also picked parakeets up 9 hours from where i am and they had no problems .
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My parakeets hate car rides, they get so freaked out whether they are in their cage or in a carrier. I feel so bad for them since they have to go to the vet and to the person that takes care of them when I'm on vacation.
Also, I personally don't find the "where are you?" chirp annoying. It makes me so sad to hear birds call out like that since they're confused and lonely and scared. The next time your bird does that Andrue, just give him some reassurance.
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