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If you haven't gotten a bird yet

OK, I haven't read all the posts before this, so pardon me repeating anything.
I've gotten birds ever since,like, 7 yrs old, but most of them died soon. I never got good at taken care of my birds until 9 yrs. If you are willing to commit to a PARROT and love it and such, then 15 yrs (well, 16 now) is fine. You must understand the parrots need a LOT of attention. Budgies are good starters if you want the bird to talk, but teaching a bird to talk takes a lot of patience. Where I live budgies (more commonly known as parakeets) are between $15 and $20. Some other good starting birds that don't talk could be doves, pigeons, some finches, my lovebird is relatively easy to take care of and you can teach them to talk....VERY pretty birds and they are usually $100.

Well, let us know if you have picked out a bird yet. Sun conures are beautiful...I wish I could have one but they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond my budget....oh wells.
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It's interesting to see that you, dovelady, named your cat after a great progressive rock band. Did you know that, or is it just a great coincidence?
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Must be just a great coincidence! We had originally named him after the 'alien' in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Klaatu (aka Mr. Carpenter). I did not no that was a rock band as well...huh, that's kind of funny once I think about it.
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