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What would happen?

I've been wondering what would happen if I were to get another parakeet. I think Soda would be fine, but I'm not so sure about Pony. He's ver selfish and possessive and only likes Soda, and tolerates him only sometimes. He can be very lovey dovey, but also very aggressive. He's a sweetheart, but was picked on by all the other birds at the pet store, and is a bit bitter I think. Soda loves everything and I think he would be fine with another bird.
What I was thinking is that f I were to get another keet, and then quarantine it for a few weeks in another room, and then let it have free fly with Pony and Soda if that would make Pony warm up to the new bird? Also, would Pony and Soda still be friends if I get another bird? Any ideas would be welcome, because I really want another keet! They really are like potato chips!
Oh and, I would most likely get a bigger cage for the three of them if I were to get another bird, My parents haven't said anything, so I'm just wondering! Thanks in advance!
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what if you bought a separate cage for the new one? since pony and soda get along, leave them together, or even borrow another cage from someoen, and see if pony gets along with new one or not.....if he does, great, if not, get another cage?
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Well, as you've already said, any new bird should be quarantined for 45 days in a separate room anyway. So you'll need an extra cage.

After the 45 days, you can introduce them all to each other. If they get along really well, you can consider putting them all in the same (big) cage. I know quite a few people who keep more than 2 budgies together successfully. You just need to be prepared for the possibility that they won't get along, in which case you'd have to house them separately. But if you had a big enough cage, you probably wouldn't have any problems. My understanding with budgies is that if they're fighting, it's *usually* because the cage isn't big enough.

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