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Worried about my new Parakeet

Hi Ev1,
I really would love some advice on my new Grey Ringneck Parakeet.
I,ve only had him for 2 days,he bit me when I got him out of the box(think it,s a he!!!) can anyone tell me if it is likely that he,ll bite again
Also he,s shakeing alot which is really worrying me,will this stop? I have a Springer spaniel which is goes up to the cage at first the bird just looks at her like he,s not worried,but shakes,not badly,just like being cold.
The pet shop told me he,s about 8 months old,is that still young enough to get used to our family and be tamed.
I would really love some advice as I want my Parakeet to be happy Thanks Tanwan
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When your keet shakes, does his feathers ruffle? If he is ruffling his feathers, he can very well be cold Is he in front of a window or by a vent? Try moving his cage out of the way of drafts if he is. When birds ruffle their feathers its to conserve heat. It can mean they are cold, or can mean they are sick also.

If he is not ruffling, just shaking then he is probably scared. For now, you might want to leave him in a low traffic room. Where he will see you enough but not so much that he stresses out. I advise to keep the puppy out of the room for the first week or so, so he can get used to his new cage, home, smells, feeding time etc. He's going through a stressful time, and every little thing can help

Is his cage against a wall? Most birds feel a bit more safe with the back side of their cage against a wall. Just so they can feel their back is protected.

Will he continue to bite you? Maybe. All animals have the instinct to bite, and can very much do so. Is he doing it because hes mean? Of course not, hes doing it because he is frightened. Do not hold him at all for the first week he is home. He needs to get used to everything else around him. Then you want to introduce your hand into *his* territory, and offer him some fresh fruits or veggies from your fingers and gently stroke him if you can. Eventually work on having him step up. If he wildly flies around his cage, don't try to work with him just simply shut his cage and try later.

I hope this helps you, and good luck with your new fid They are such a joy! Pictures would rock
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Thanks Raiquee

THANKS Raiquee I feel so much better now knowing it,s normal
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