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Filthy bunny problem

I have two white bunnies that love to go outside during the day. We have a lot off trees in the back yard which they run around and dig at and get covered in tree sap which of course gets covered in dirt. I brush their bodies, but they will not let me near their heads which look auful dirty. They are very happy fat boys, but I can't keep them clean for nothing. Pudge is so dirty I dont know what to do with him. We have tried to keep them away from the trees and dirt, but it does not work and I would hate to keep them inside all of the time as they have a great time outside. Should I be as concerned as I am or not worry about it so much as long as they are happy and healthy?

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Nature is dirty. Humans need to learn to deal, or continue isolating themselves from it, Obviously, your bunnies don't care in the slightest, lol. You could maybe try setting up a fence to block them off from the specific area that gets them covered in tree sap?
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Thanks for your reply. I have tried to section them of, but there are to many trees. I just don't want anyone to think we are neglecting them as we love them very much. When I see all of these beautiful clean bunny pictures on this site I get a little embarassed about our boys.
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Lol don't! Afterall, you have two WHITE ones, white attracts everything, it seems. You know how kids are all proud after they get themselves all dirty, that's exactly how rabbits are, hehe.

Have you thought of building them an actual pen? Taking a piece of your yard and building a pen around it, or a run? That way, they'd still be able to romp and roll around, but they wouldn't be able to access your trees.

No one is going to think you're a horrible person for having dirty bunnies. And if they do, that is their problem, not yours.
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You could try using a wash cloth with warm water .

But I wouldn't worry about it, sometimes it's hard to keep white bunnies clean! My dwarf is white and her feet always end up brown or green, haha.


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Something else that is also worth a try is "Boundry Training" them. When they go near the trees, stomp your foot and steer them back the other way. Its pretty much saying "Go away! You cant come over here!" in bunny language. It doesnt work with all bunnies, but I managed to teach Smudge to stay within a certain area in my yard this way. But you still need to keep an eye on them, because since if they know that by the trees is off limits, they will make a point of going over there whenever you turn your back.

And dont worry about their cleaness- My Smudge has white feet, and if he plays outside and digs he always turns brown. His is also continuously stained green and orange from veggies LOL! As long as they have fun getting dirty, that what matters, isnt it?

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I agree, nothing wrong with it as healthy bunnies will keep themselves constantly groomed. If they feel dirty they'll clean themselves. My mini-rex kinda used to have white paws but like Smudge they have been stained by food and newspaper. And her butt is yelow from sitting in her pee while she was sick :/ The fur is cleaned but the stain will take longer to come out, dont worry about it too much!
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I think they sound like very happy and well cared for bunnies! other than some who will have perfectly clean ones who never leave their cage.

My Harvey loves anything mucky, fortunately he is grey so not too bad a problem, however Ive noticed that as he has aged, he does not clean himself very well especially around his boys bits - we have had to take to giving him a bath of sorts - holding above soapy warm water made with pet shampoo and giving him a good clean. Fortunately he loves any attention whatsoever especially if he can lie in your arms on his back like a baby so makes the job easier. We then dry him thoroughly with a towel and then hairdryer on low setting and leave him to run around the warm house for couple of hours.

This seems to be keeping on top of the problem - personally in your case I would not worry so long as the important bits are kept clean by the bunnies themselves to avoid infection and if anyone comments to you I would return it by saying its like children, the scruffy ones have always had the most fun!
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filthy bunny problem

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