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Injured Baby Rabbit

Last night my mom came home with a baby rabbit that they had found in a neighbor's yard. One of the neghbors had stepped on it and I believe it has a broken leg *(back left leg). He had very light bleeding from his nose. This morning I checked on it and noticed it's right eye is swollen and closed up. I took him out *(very carefully) and gave him some water. I do not know whether he is old enough to eat solids. He has fur, eyes are open, and is about the size of my palm.. a little smaller actually. His ears are about as tall as the tip of my pinky.
He seems to like cuddling with my hand. He refuses to move the injured leg. My mom refuses to call a vet or animal shelter. She basically slugged it on me to care for this animal. He is a wild rabbit.
The rabbit's home/family is in a very dangerous location and one of them has already been run over.
What should I do?

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I would look around your area ASAP and try to find a wildlife rehaber to take the rabbit too. Baby rabbits are very fragile and it really sounds like the little guy needs medical care. Plus, if he was still nursing, baby rabbits need special milk, you can't just give it cow milk because their digestive systems can't handle it.

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The problem is my mom refuses to call or let me call a vet or Wildlife center.. I have no money or car to take him myself.. I am 16. I need to know what I can personally do to care for it on my own because it looks like I have no choice I really don't know what to do.. I don't want to see him die.
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get a baby bottle and feed him kitten formula. If he doesnt take it gather wild flowers and put in with him, thats what they eat in the wild and if it is old enough , it will eat it.
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Injured Bunny

Hi! I've fostered many wild bunny babies.Without seeing the little guy,I'll do my best to help.It sounds like the baby is old enough to eat on his own.I would try to get some water into him to prevent dehydration.Any pet shop has small animal bottles for feeding.Make sure you hold him at an angle on his back and feed very slowly to prevent him from breathing in any liquid.The blood at the nose,broken leg,and the fact that he was stepped on leads me to believe that there may be internal bleeding.He'll die if he doesn't get professional help.Regular Vets usually won't treat wild animals.Your local Humane Society should have volunteers that deal with helping rehabilitate wild birds,bunnies,squirrels,racoons etc.They're taught how to fend for themselves,as to not bond to people,and they'll even let you know when the set yours little guy free.Please,I beg you,he's a wild animal,and even if he were to survive,his heartrate will be escalated and he'll always be nervous.Please take him in the the Humane Society.They know what they're doing.
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