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OK good luck


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I think a bit of cookie at night wouldn't be bad as long as it wasn't like half a cookie or even 1/4 of a cookie. Just a nibble wouldn't hurt anything.

As for the mouse, I kind of think that a few seeds wouldn't be bad. IMO unless the mouse is obese then they need a few seeds because really they can be a lot more active then the rat. I used to feed my mice just lab blocks in IMO they got WAY too skinny. I added a sunflower seed or two a day and it kept them from looking so slinky. It really doesn't take much.

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The rat still, after several days, spends a lot of time alone in the bottom of the cage, looking under that ****ed couch, probably for the mouse. I've been watching, thinking Jeff Mouse will come over to the cage. I don't want to catch him, figuring he hasn't got a long time to live yet. He was very small when he came in, two years ago. I'll Just let him die in peace and then I'll have to search for the body. It would be a breach of trust to try to kill him after all this time. Besides, he's become a valued character in my rodent stories. Jeff and my virtual rat, Oscar, often share a beer and pizza together. Charlie
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Your ''story'' to me does not sound realistic I am afraid to say. You dont listen to the types of disceases that could be passed on. I think you should catch Jeff and then put him in a cage. You dont want to eventually find the body after a few weeks. OK thats it but I would take all advice needed.
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Being an old man and set in my ways, I don't believe that Jeff has any communicative diseases, or I'd know by now. When he was new here, I set all sorts of traps and they didn't work. I don't want to hurt the guy. I was lucky to catch him by hand that one time, but doubt if I could again. Since that first time, he's been more careful around me. I'll just keep feeding the guy and leave him alone. Meanwhile, I'm learning a lot about the behavior and habits of wild mice. Charlie
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Jeff is still going strong, though very territorial. When I let the rats out to play on the couch or on a spare bed covered by an old blanket, I have to keep an eye on them. A couple of times, Jeff has jumped up to the couch. He's now the largest mouse I've ever seen (Yes. he IS a mouse.) at about five to six inches long and three high. A call of "Jeff" and he jumps back down. The reason I'm writing again, besides keeping you updated, is that I might take in a displaced rabbit. My sister called last night. She said the neighbors were tired of their house rabbit, shoved it out the door and won't let it back inside. She said that, at the time of her call, she could see the poor bunny standing at the edge of the road in the rain, and wanted to know if I'd take it in. She has three of them now and can't fit another in her cage, and I've often said I like rabbits as house pets (I've had a half-dozen at different times.) I'm in a quandary. I'd hate to see that bunny killed, yet don't know how Jeff Mouse would treat it. The Internet has little on the subject, and nothing about a half-wild mouse and a pet house-rabbit. According to what I've found, rats and rabbits rarely get along, but Jeff is a mouse, not a rat. Also, both can be very territorial. I have no idea as to the sex or "fixed" state of the bunny. I wonder if any members have had such an experience. Please, I know about rabbits stomping rats and rats biting rabbits. I mean actual experience. Oh, and I DO give Jeff medicine, about once a week in his favorite food. That's the only time he gets a bit of chocolate. So he shouldn't have mites or fleas. I also spray his living area occasionally. I don't know about mice, but did you know that horse anti-worm medicine is good for rats. My rat breeder, a member of rat breeding organizations, told me that if my rats start scratching mites or fleas to put a small amount (size of a grain of rice) on the tip of a toothpick and make them eat it. The medicine, not the toothpick. I've been doing it for a year or so and it works. The next day, they're not scratching. That's what I've been putting on Jeff's chocolate. Charlie -- Oscar Rat's human.

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Originally Posted by Kendalle View Post
OK good luck
Glad to hear you're using this: I plan to keep it much more aggressively up-to-date than has been the case in the past, but don't hesitate to let me know if you find errors or need clarifications.
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