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Need Dog Adoption Application!!!

Hi all . . . I'm sure some of you have read my post in dogs "I've Got Bad News" . . . . if you haven't to make a long story short . . . we have to get rid of our dog . . . I need an adoption application to send to people . . I'm started to get interested repliers because I put her on . . . anyone who can help I'd appreciate it . . . if you have a form you could e-mail it to me at [email protected] . . . thank you!!
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Look around at what the shelters have on their websites. Some have online forms and you can get an idea of what to ask from those. We are actually still working on ours and of course we don't have it on a computer yet so I'm no help to ya there.
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Thanks. . .

I've got some basics

name adress, yata - yata

rent or own . . .
who else lives in home
what other pets
would animal be left alone (how long)
why are you interested

any others that you think are absolutely should haves?
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Name (first and last):

Home Phone:






Are you currently Renting or Do you own your home?

If you rent does your landlord accept pets (please provide the following information so that we can verify that you can have this dog!)

Landlord's Name:

Landlord's Phone#:

Is there anyone else living with you (spouse, childern, etc) (If yes please provide names and ages of all persons in your household)

Do you have any other pets? (If yes please provide name, age, and type for all)

How often would the dog be left alone and for what amount of time?

Are you willing to make space in your home for a kennel or willing you be leaving her outdoors?

How do you plan on "housing" her if she will be kept outside unattended for any amount of time.

How would you provide exercise and mental stimulation for her (Remember a tired bully is a happy bully)?

Why are you interested in adopting Kaiya?

Would you be willing to meet with us once so we can meet you and you can meet Kaiya?

Would you be willing to stay in contact with us and send us photos and updates of her?

Would you be willing to contact us if you feel things weren't working out so we could help you arrange a different forever home?

**Please note that we have the right to reject your application for any reason we see fit and by returning this form you are not guarenteeing that you recieve the dog. But by returning it you are confirming that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge. We will look over it as soon as it is returned and get back to you A.S.A.P. Thank You!!

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That sounds great it is close to the one we had when we were going to get into chinnie rescues before having to come back over to Italy..... I hope you find a great home for her
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make sure if they rent, that you have a signed form from their landlord stating that they can have the dog, it would also be good to get a good idea of what their Pet Rent agreement is.
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Thanks for the advice!!
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adoption application

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