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Why, when I was a puppy you coddled me, and held me, and told me how
much you loved me, Why did you change? Did I change somehow? Did I do something wrong?
All I ever asked for is to be loved and cherished, as much as I
cherish you.
Why would you tie me up out in the back yard, cold or hot, in the
rain, snow or sunshine, and not come and visit me, and why do you not care anymore like you used to? I still love you, and want to play as much as I did when I was a baby. Why did you change? Why did this happen to me, since we played and played when I was young? You told me you would never harm me, or leave me, or let anything happen to me. Why am I out in the back yard with no one to play with me now, or care for me, Why??

Why, when I carried you miles, and miles across the plains, pulled
heavy loads and wagons, helped you pull logs out of the woods to build your house and mine, and plowed your fields so you and I could eat, do you not love me anymore? I worked my entire life for you and now you dont want me anymore, why? You have sent me to this horrible place where all I can smell is death, and harm. I look at my horse friends and see the loneliness, sadness, and fear in their eyes and wonder, why? Why, do I not have my warm cozy stall anymore, why do I not have my good hay and grain to eat, and why do I not have my big cold water bucket in front of me anymore, why? I carried you into the show ring and we won all those pretty ribbons that you hung in my hair, and now you dont love me anymore, why?

Why, as a small kitten did you and I play for hours and hours, and
you pulled strings for me to catch and pull on, but now you don't have time for me anymore? I still have time for you! I still run to see you at the door coming home from a long days work, all I want is a pat on the head or a belly rub, and I still want to play as much as I ever did, but you say, I dont have time right now, or go lay down, why? You open the door and tell me to go out and play but then there are other cats around and they get me pregnant and then all you can say is, shame on you, you're bad, Why? It is not my fault you did not help me so I would not get pregnant, and it is not my fault you let me out with these other cats that their owners did not care either, is it, why?

Why, do people get an animal that needs humane care and love, and
then act as if they can throw them away and never care again, Why? Why did people quite caring? after September 11, I thought with all the wonderings and whys people were asking then, like why did these people do this to us. Why do these people want to murder us and our families and friends, why? Why do they hate us so bad, why?

Why when God has given us such a wonderful gift, like the animals do
we continually mistreat and harm them, why? Animals are a gift from God to us, to learn from. Their love is unconditional. They do not care who we are, what race we are, what background or college degree we have. They do not care whether you are male or female, their love is all the same. Why should we not learn from them? After all, we should be more like them, they love us for whom, and what we are, no matter what. Why are we not more like them?
We should be so lucky to have the loyalty that they do, but still we do not when it comes to them, little lone ourselves.

Finally, when we ask the animals to lay down their life for us, they
do it willingly, but when they ask us to simply help them, we say, WHY, their just a dumb animals?


Officer Mitch Witherell
Lorain County, Humane Officer
Erie Shores Humane Society
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