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hamsters: three years ago we had a chinese dwarf named fred aka lemony snicket! our cat killed him.......

rats: .....at least 500 i sell them as pets. I have had a lot previously. right now I have....four.
gwen: oldest. fawn. very docile and pleasant.
Bo: gwen's spouse and bff albino dumbo rex.
pippin: g&B's son from their first litter. rex....uhh....what is that color when its browny-grayish-orangish???? LOL
and the youngest: Molly, she lives with my degu. not really related to gwen at all. bo's greatgreatgreatgreat granddaughter. teehee!

degus: i only have one. her name is meggie and she is young. her sister maddy died, so she is living with molly. they actually are good friends!

ferret; DIxie. lovabe, cute, who wants one??? she is a runt ferret. Very small......well, she is full grown and is the size of a baby ferret. Her interests:raisens, toilet paper, anywhere that is not her cage, and boots.
cats: mandie. she is about 2 years old, and is a tortie....very beautiful. she is an outside cat and catches rabbits(Which is very sad) and the occasional snake(EEEUGH)!!!!

tristan: ten weeks old calico. not fixed or declawed. also not mandie's friend. he is a trick cat. i teach him tricks.

rabbits: baby rabbits from same litter: Barnabus and clover. barnabus is a grey jersey wooly. he is very jumpy and is difficult to clean up after. Clover is a black and white rabbit, your average pet bunny! she is very calm. one eye is brown and the other is blue.
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Sorry, Today I'm back (from beginning of June) for more info and just noticed this thread.

No, I have never had rodent type pets...until now! I have 1 dog...8 cats...9 ducks and am now trying to care for a sickly barn mouse. She's doing better so I guess I have a pet mouse after all. I named her Ruby. She's not well enough to survive with the 100's of other barn dwellers I don't think, so she'll stay with me where I can spoil her. I may have another one (a baby burn victim) depending on the answer to my question today. My posts are still being monitored so I'm not sure when they show up.

But thanks for asking way back then. I think I'll enjoy this forum...lots of friendly folks and soooo much to learn
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Originally Posted by scotter201
[username] do you have any rodents? what kind? how many?
So far I only have one baby boy chipmunk "Stripey"
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Originally Posted by KB7576
So far I only have one baby boy chipmunk "Stripey"
I presently have: 3 dogs, 2 suggies, 1 dragon, 1 degu
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Talking Hey there

Right now I've got 4 female rats, 5 syrian hamsters, 3 russian dwarf hamsters, and 2 chinese dwarf hamsters. I had more syrians, but they were all sick around the same time and didn't make it. I also had 4 guinea pigs until last march but gave them away to good homes because I just moved someplace smaller.

I tried posting yesterday but my account wasn't activated yet or something.
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none really, but i do want a dwarf hamster one day ,but for now i'am dealing with hermit crabs .they are the greatest little pets ever . they are just the pet for me . fun,hardy,funny and adventuress
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Update - I just have 5 male ratties and 2 mice right now.

* Lisa *

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no i don't have any but i would like a guniea pig one day
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OMG wowz i never saw this post i feel bad

yes i have rodents

i used to have 50 mice that was with the litters i had at that time right now i have 27 and that is with the current litter and my adults im tradeing some to a breeder on sunday though so my nubers will be going down i also have 6 rats at the moment 2 dumbos and 4 standered 5 males and 1 female but the female is going to be placed with a friend so i will only have my males although i do plan on getting more rats later on as for my mice iv been breeding many colors and coat types and i travel to get nice mice im probly going to NJ sometime soon and i hope to get some mice while i am up there anyways i am in NC and im sorry i never saw this post
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