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Hi I was wondering what is the most popular cage size for you rodents out there that you would buy. I currently bought a roll of 1/2" x 1" wire that is 30" high to make cages for my chins with and i ended up altering the measurements so i no longer need it. I was planning on building some cages and selling them but i was wondering what the market was. I would even do custom cages because i love this type of building. There are limitations on the customization though. Like the pan size. I could make slide out or drop in cages. i will put a good price on these too. They will be less than martins cages and will be well built. I've built other cages and am currently making so slide out ones for my chins right now.

Please let me know!!!

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It depends what type of rodents and how many. I had three rats that I used to have an 18"d x 24h x 24w. It might have been higher, I can't quite remember. It had lots of little shelves specifically for rodents. I didn't use a pull out pan though because their poopies were a little big and I figured the bottom wire would get a little gross to clean and it would have to be scrubbed everyday.
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for my guinea pigs i use C&C cages, 2 2X4 grid cages, and 1 2X5 grid cage my rabbit, i built a pen 2 feet wide 6 feet long and 3 feet high, the door is 3ftX3ft to allow kari for easy cleaning.
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where are you locate? I would love to see a pic of a cage you have made. It certainly would depend on the animals. I have rats...and like the cages as big as I can get with still being able to carry them through doorways.
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Personally, I think there is always the market for custom cages no matter what you buy ... There are always people out there who aren't satisfied with the status quo ... and oftentimes for good reasons ...
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Hello, I also make cages. I use the plastic underbed boxes from Wal-Mart for the bottom. It makes it alot easier to clean. And seems to keep the poopies inside a little better. I made rat cages 13deep X 19wide X 30 high. They seem to like the height more than anything. I put in several levels. My chinchilla's cage is alittle larger just not a tall. My degus is 13deep X 19wide X 24 high with a couple of shelves and tree branches. I will do larger as I can find larger boxes or pans.
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i have a huge cage outide for mine, but i got it ages ago and that was when we had loads of guinea-pigs, we now have 2,
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this is my rabbits pen:

and here are my piggies cages:

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post #9 of 10 (permalink) Old 06-14-2004, 08:35 AM
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Wow, great cages!!!! You can look at my degu cage in the degu section (pictures)
It is 36x30x5 ft. high. My husband built it for me since I wasn´t satisfied with the size of cages you could buy in a store or on-line. I love to watch my critters in big enclosures since it is a lot more interesting as if I had them sitting in an aquarium where they could just turn around. Besides, it also looks nice and there is no limit concerning the interior decoration :-) They have to spend so much time in their cages that I think you should try to get them the biggest you can.
For my rabbits I have a neat cubes cage as well.
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Hey guys, I didn't want to create a new topic so I post here.

So, I have a problem. My degus have always lived in 1m x 60cm x 70cm hand-made cage. However the place where I live is being repaired and I won't be able to use this big cage AND ALSO my degus like to pee out of the cage zone on the walls .

After researching all kind of cages I came up with the aquarium... I saw few well furnished aquariums with places to jump, hide and so on.

I was wondering, maybe someone has aquarium as a degu cage? Or maybe you have other ideas or photos?
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guinea pig, rat cage

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