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Question Chinchilla Questions.

Ok well i recently got my chinchilla(yesterday) and named her Whiskers. I am concerned but idk if some of this stuff is natural.
1. i let her go in a shower with a few ledges and she liked that but she seemed like the was scratching herself alot with her teeth. Is that just what they do?
2. She seemed to be chewing on some small loose concrete chunks. Do they know that they shouldn't eat rocks?
3. Right now she is living in a lizard cage until her real cage gets here Monday, she seems to look depressed and she is just standing there looking at nothing or shoving herself in between the glass and her nest.
4. I have a bowl of water but i can't tell if she is drinking out of it, how do i check if she is dehydrated?
5. I have mixed food but all she eats is the good stuff and not the pellets, should i just only have 1 ounce in her bowl and when i feed them in the morning and afternoon only give them a little more so it still equals an ounce?
6. Am i supposed to leave an unlimited amount of Timothy hay for her?
7. It does not seem that she is urinating much, could that be because she is not drinking enough?
8. If she is in her nest and i try to reach in she bites me, is that natural?
9. I have a 11 inch across plastic wheel, is that a good size for a chinchilla?
10. Is it OK to put 100% polyester fiberfill in her nest?
11. Is it natural for them to not like being held and pet or is it because i just got her?
12. I have a toilet paper roll sitting in there and she is not chewing it much, is it because she is still adapting?
13. I have about 12 people coming for easter and they will all want to see her, should i just leave her in her cage and not let them pet her because i don't want her to get stressed?

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Sorry i re posted this in the chinchilla section, how do i delete this one?
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