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We have fleas... At this point I honestly think they're bothering me more than any of the animals... I was wondering what we could treat the rats and mice with. And what products would be safe to use in the house around them.
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i had rats with cat fleas. i used a kitten flea shampoo and washed it out very very good. i have also used this to treat lice too and it has always worked and never harmed a rat that i have had. but i dont suggest it because i know it CAN hurt a rat if you get a certain type of shampoo or dont wash it out well.
i have heard of people using advantage on rats, but i personally wouldnt. maybe invermocide (sp) would work with fleas?

there is also a flea spray i have used with rats and rabbits. its walmart hartz flea carpet spray. remove all pets from the house and spray the rooms. an hour later you can put them back in the house, but since my rats free ranged and my rabbit do free range them i shampooed the carpet afterward.

there are lots of options for safe room sprays and powder, but no matter what the labeling says i would remove the pets for at least an hour
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Thank you! Yes, we were planning on removing the animals for a while when we treat the rooms.
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Thats good to know.What about spraying the Raid made to kill fleas...if I sprayed that on the furniture,do you think it would work? I would have to leave the house for about 2 hours,as I am allergic to it,but do you think it would at least help?

I am currently dealing with fleas in the house as well and so far they have NOT got to the rats!They seem to only be in the bedroom on the couch in here so far,thats where my last foster dog (Silvan) always slept and she had fleas.I haven't had her in awhile now,but there are still fleas here.I am spraying the couch and whatnot and hopefully will have it under control or gone before they can get to the rodents (my biggest fear at this moment).

I used Advantage on one of my old rats who had lice.Only a drop,as the vet reccomended and never had problems.

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Well, I think that we got ours from the mice when we got them a few weeks ago and that it spread from there... They seem to have vacated their cages though, and they're leaving the rats alone for the most part... Just biting me and the cats. And they're driving me insane! Flea bites are so much worse than mosquito bites.
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This is from this site...hope it helps some


Fleas usually gain entry to your home through your pet or visitors' pets. For every flea on your pet, there may be as many as 30 more in the pet's environment.
Before reaching for pesticides, try these safer choices:

* Bathe and comb your pet regularly. Use mild soap, not insecticides. If fleas are found on the comb, dip the comb in a glass of soapy water.
* Citrus is a natural flea deterrent. Pour a cup of boiling water over a sliced lemon. Include the lemon skin, scored to release more citrus oil. Let this mixture soak overnight, and sponge on your dog to kill fleas instantly.
* Add brewer's yeast and garlic, or apple cider vinegar, to your pets' food. However, it is not advisable to use raw garlic as a food supplement for cats.
* Cedar shampoo, cedar oil and cedar-filled sleeping mats are commercially available. Cedar repells many insects including fleas.
* Fleas in the carpet? The carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed especially in low traffic areas, under furniture, etc. Put flea powder in the vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas that you vacuum up, and put the bag in an outdoor garbage bin.
* Trap fleas in your home using a wide, shallow pan half-filled with soapy water. Place it on the floor and shine a lamp over the water. Fleas will jump to the heat of the lamp and land in the water. The detergent breaks the surface tension, preventing the flea from bouncing out.
* Nematodes can be used to control fleas in outdoor areas your pets frequent. more info
* For more information, read our article: Natural Flea Control
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but if you have your windows open they can jump in your house. and also ride indoors with you from being outside.
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